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"Curves Are For Suckers": 16 College Professors Who Really Had The Audacity

"Please don't bring me death certificates or funeral obituaries. I will not accept these. If you think that your grandmother, grandfather, cousin, etc. may die, you should talk to me on the first day of class."

1. This professor whose syllabus could be a bit more clear:

2. This professor who thought it would be "fun" to pretend class was cancelled:

3. This professor who 100% deserves to step on a Lego every morning for the rest of their life:

4. This professor who marked a correct answer wrong because it wasn't technically "correct":

5. This professor who picked a strange, infuriating hill to die on:

6. This English professor who probably couldn't pass their own class:

7. This online class professor who really wants everyone to look DIRECTLY INTO the camera at all times:

syllabus outlining that the eye contact the professor wants

8. This professor who thinks curves are "for suckers":

9. This professor who provided a running commentary that nobody asked for:

10. This professor who thinks desks are a privilege:

11. This professor who was upset to learn the class did well on the midterm:

12. This professor who said "better late than never":

For all the people that think they are bad at responding to emails: I emailed a professor 12 years ago asking about source recommendations for a paper I was writing for a class during my undergrad. He replied to my email TODAY.

Twitter: @academijung

13. This professor who wished their students a "wonderful" holiday weekend, then proceeded to assign all of this:

14. This professor who wants students to put in a little extra effort in order to...get a worse grade:

15. This professor who said, "Oopsies, hehe!":

16. And finally, this professor who deserves to step on an entire BOX of Legos for the rest of their freaking lives!!!:

Knew I had to switch Econ classes when I got this trifling "syllabus"

Twitter: @shantimaya13