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    15 "Bob's Burgers" Details We Learned At Comic-Con


    The Bob's Burgers cast and crew gathered virtually for this year's Comic-Con@Home to talk about the upcoming season, and there's SO much to get excited about.


    Here are 15 things we learned from the panel:

    "Bob's Burgers" Comic-Con@Home panel

    Obviously, spoilers ahead!

    1. Season 11 will premiere on Sept. 27 with the episode "Dream a Little Dream of Bob."


    Bob's Burgers never stopped production during the pandemic, writing and producing episodes entirely at home. The premiere episode is described as an "epic quest" and takes place primarily in Bob's dreams, according to creator Loren Bouchard.

    2. This season will feature the show's 200th episode, "Bob Belcher and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Kids."


    The episode will focus on "three layers of guilt that pertain to a disastrous event...and music," Loren said.

    3. There will also be a pandemic episode...but it was written before COVID-19.

    a sneak preview of the pandemic episode shows Gene getting pinworms

    The episode, titled "Worms of In-rear-ment," will focus on a pinworm epidemic. "It just seemed like a fun pandemic story. And then this happened and I was like, people are going to think we’re joking about it," writer and producer Nora Smith said. "There's a lot of handwashing. I’m hoping that people think of it as an escape to a more fun pandemic."

    4. Several guest stars will be returning this season.

    Previous guest stars have included Jordan Peele, Samantha Bee, Wanda Sykes, Amy Schumer, and more.

    5. We'll finally get to go inside the mysterious hotel at the end of the street.

    Hotel circled in neighborhood picture

    The Halloween special will follow the kids as they try to deliver a burger to the hotel.

    6. There will, of course, be another Thanksgiving episode!

    Bob shopping for Thanksgiving turkey

    The episode is called "Diarrhea of a Poopy Kid" and it sounds, uh...promising.

    7. Loren talked about the importance of representation in animation.

    He described the animation industry as being "historically a bit on the white men side until recently." He said that just under 50% of Bob's Burgers writers are women, and emphasized that this number is still not enough.

    8. Bob will fall in love with a kitchen this season.

    Bob looking at the kitchen in awe

    We saw a clip from the upcoming episode "Copa-Bob-Bana" that shows Bob totally head over heels for a new kitchen, described as "an emotional affair."

    9. Bob's Burgers: the Movie is definitely still happening.

    The movie was originally slated to be released July 17, but was pushed back to April 9, 2021 due to the pandemic. "It’s absolutely coming out," Loren said. "It has to come out. We've got to stop working on it at some point."

    10. Linda's parents will make another appearance.

    Linda with her mother and father

    11. Linda's BFF Ginger will, unfortunately, likely remain an off-screen character.

    a flashback of Ginger showing only her backside

    Let 👏 us 👏 see 👏 Ginger's 👏 face!

    12. The kids will build a hamster slide to make their case for getting a pet hamster.


    The writers said the kids don't really want a hamster — they just want to put a hamster down a hamster slide. Sounds legit.

    13. Speaking of pets, Kristen Schaal said she thinks it would be fun if Louise had a secret pet.


    14. John Roberts said he channels his mother and "her love of food and wine" when he voices Linda.


    15. And finally, the cast revealed their favorite episodes.

    Louise must overcome her fear of pooping in an aquarium on an overnight trip

    Kristen's favorite is "Poops!… I Didn't Do It Again," John Roberts' is "Legends of the Mall," and Dan Mintz's is "Topsy."

    I can't wait to see the Belcher family back on my screen!!!


    You can watch the full Bob's Burgers panel here.

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