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We Still Don't Have A Ton Of Bisexual Rep, But These 19 TV Characters Make Me Feel Seen

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's "Gettin' Bi" was a cultural reset.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

1. Toni Topaz from Riverdale

The CW

Why I love them: I mean, first of all, Vanessa Morgan is flawless. I fell in love with Toni's character the second she was introduced — I loved her confidence, toughness, and the way she was so unapologetically herself. While I loved her and Cheryl's relationship and still hope Choni is endgame, I'd also really love to see her character get to shine more on her own too.

Best line: "Ruin her? Bitch, I love her. And she loves me."

2. Moose Mason from Riverdale

Moose to Jughead: "I like guys and girls, cool?"
The CW

Why I love them: I loved his relationship with Kevin — although their romance was sadly cut short, it was definitely one of the highlights of Season 3. I really liked the scene between Moose and Jughead where he just casually says he likes guys and girls. I felt like Riverdale really got bisexuality right with his character.

Best line: "I'm going to miss you, Kevin Keller."

3. Paige Michalchuk from Degrassi: The Next Generation


Why I love them: Oh, come on, how can anyone not love Paige? She started off as a total mean girl and eventually grew up to be a great friend and total badass (we don't talk about Degrassi Goes Hollywood, okay?). Like Marissa Cooper, Paige never explicitly labeled herself, but she did date both guys and girls.

Best line: "New Year, new look, new Paige."

4. Miles Hollingsworth from Degrassi: Next Class

Netflix / whisperhug / Tumblr / Via

Why I love them: After so many years of Degrassi, it was so, so nice to finally have a character outright call themselves bisexual. I also loved how much depth Miles' character had outside of just his sexuality — the show did a great job of exploring his family problems, his passion for writing, and his mental health. While I was definitely not a fan of his off-and-on-again relationship with Tristan, I'll always appreciate Miles as a character.

Best line: "Roses are red, violets are blue. This assignment sucks, and Tristan also sucks."

5. Darryl Whitefeather from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The CW

Why I love them: Ummm, "Gettin' Bi" is ICONIC. No, but seriously, it's really amazing to see a character not only openly identify as bisexual, but be proud about it too. It's especially amazing to see more bisexual men on TV like this.

Best line: "It doesn't take an intellectual to get that I'm bisexual."

6. Sophie Sanchez from Ginny & Georgia


Why I love them: Sophie could have been a typical popular mean girl, but instead, she was so down to earth and sweet. I loved everything about her relationship with Max and I appreciated that they made her into girls and guys without any of the characters making a big deal out of it. I will honestly be devastated if she doesn't come back for Season 2.

Best line: "Maybe next time you just need to kiss someone that wants to kiss you back."

7. Charlie St. George from 13 Reasons Why

Charlie tells his dad he's "not 100% straight, actually not any percent straight" and that he's bisexual

Why I love them: Charlie ended up being my surprise favorite character in Season 4! When he was first introduced, I thought he was just going to be one of the jerks on the football team, but he turned out to be such a sweet, genuine guy. He and Alex were adorable together. I also really appreciated that the show had Charlie outright call himself bisexual — it's pretty rare to see that in general on TV still, but especially with male characters.

Best line: "It's way too cold for those girls to be naked."

8. Callie Torres from Grey's Anatomy


Why I love them: Her evolution as a character was pretty amazing — she went through lots of ups and downs, but ultimately grew so much and became one of the most iconic Grey's characters. Her "so I'm bisexual, so what?" monologue alone is enough to make me stan her.

Best line: "There's a 'b' in there and it doesn't mean badass. Okay, it does, but it also means bi."

9. Marissa Cooper from The O.C.


Why I love them: I know she isn't everyone's favorite character, but I personally loved her messiness. Yeah, she made some bad decisions, but she was super entertaining and ultimately had a really good heart. While Marissa never outright confirmed that she was bisexual, she dated guys and had a girlfriend for a brief time as well. Marissa Cooper deserved better!

Best line: "You really wanna know what's bothering me?" [starts screaming]

10. Alex Kelly from The O.C.

Alex and Marissa
FOX / Kylos / Tumblr / Via

Why I love them: Uhh, first of all, she's OLIVIA WILDE. Second, I just loved how chill and open she was about everything — she dated both guys and girls and was super casual about all of her relationships. She was a total badass and I actually loved her and Marissa together, even if their romance was short. I only wish her character had stayed on the show longer.

Best line: "I didn't ask you to give up your life! All I ever wanted was to be a part of it."

11. Hope Mikaelson from Legacies

Hope says she had a crush on Josie for a week when they were 14
The CW

Why I love them: From the moment she was born on The Originals, Hope has been one of my favorite TV characters to watch grow up. I really loved her character in the early days of Legacies and admired how strong and fearless she was. Although I'm not super happy with the way her character has been written lately, I'm still holding out hope (pun intended) that we'll get to see those qualities that made her such a great protagonist make a comeback soon. I'm also really hoping the writers explore her sexuality more!

Best line: "I had to make a choice, and I didn't choose Landon."

12. Maya St. Germain from Pretty Little Liars


Why I love them: GOD, MAYA DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER. I loved Maya from her very first scene with Emily. I obviously loved her relationship with Emily, but I also just adored Maya as an individual character — she was so fearless, tough, and clever. I appreciated that they had her date both guys and girls as well. There was absolutely no reason to kill her off, and I'm still bitter.

Best line: "She shoved your head underwater and you still dated her? Girl, I came back just in time."

13. Tony Stonem from Skins


Why I love them: Okay, Tony wasn't exactly a great person, but holy heck, was he entertaining. Although he was super manipulative and awful in Series 1, he had great development after his accident and he left the show a much better person. He and Maxxie are my guilty pleasure ship.

Best line: "I always loved you the best, Sid."

14. Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Why I love them: Obviously, Rosa is just a badass in general, but it was a really bold, awesome choice for the show to make one of their lead characters proudly bisexual. Although it was super intense, I loved the scene where she told her parents that she doesn't care what they think about her sexuality. Also, actor Stephanie Beatriz identifies as bisexual in real life!

Best line: "I'm not straight, I'm bisexual. And I don't care what you think about it."

15. Clarke Griffin from The 100

The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection

Why I love them: I'll be honest, I was mostly invested in this show for Clarke and Lexa's romance (enemies-to-lovers is just such an elite trope). Outside of Clexa though, I loved Clarke's bravery, determination, and total willingness to look danger in the eye and embrace it.

Best line: "You say having feelings makes me weak, but you're weak for hiding from them. I might be a hypocrite, Lexa, but you're a liar."

16. Polo Benavant from Elite


Why I love them: Was Polo a good person? Absolutely not. But as a character, I honestly loved him so much. Although I didn't love that the show made the bisexual character a villain, it was admittedly fun to watch him just kind of stir up chaos everywhere he went. I liked how casual he was about his attraction to both women and men. He definitely had issues, but I think he also had a decent heart deep down.

Best line: "What do I think? [grabs Christian's hand] Here's what I think."

17. Rebeka de Bormujo Ávalos from Elite

Rebeka says girls "turn her on too sometimes"

Why I love them: I was super happy that the show hinted at Rebe's attraction to women in Season 3, but I'm ecstatic that they're actually exploring it in Season 4. Although I didn't care for her relationship with Samuel (honestly, did anyone?), I loved her as an individual character and thought her character was one of the best additions to the show in Season 2.

Best line: "All I'm asking for is a boring life."

18. Anna Taggaro from One Tree Hill

Anna on the time capsule video: "I'm bisexual"
The WB

Why I love them: Anna was only on the show for one season, but her character openly identifying as bisexual — especially a Latina character — was a huge deal for an early 2000s show. I really liked her friendships with Peyton, Brooke, and Haley — that sleepover episode is one of the best in all of Season 2.

Best line: "Don't be too fat, or too thin, or too light, don't be too sexual, or too chaste, or too smart, or too dumb. Be yourself, but make sure you fit in."

19. And finally, Bob Belcher from Bob's Burgers

Fox / Courtesy Everett Collection

Why I love them: Okay, I know this isn't technically confirmed, but I'm counting it and you can't stop me! Although he's obviously married to Linda, Bob has shown attraction to men multiple times as well and once described himself as "straight...mostly." Here's hoping we get canon bisexual Bob someday!

Best line: "Okay, fine. But I'm gonna complain the whole time!"

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