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31 Of The Most Iconic, Shocking, Or Divisive TV Moments From 2022 That We'll Never Shut Up About

I can't believe The Bear, House of the Dragon, and Euphoria Season 2 all happened in the same year.

2022 has been quite the year for TV! From shocking character deaths to iconic kisses to jaw-dropping twists, there certainly hasn't been a shortage of stuff to scream about.

So, in honor of the year wrapping up, here are 31 of the biggest TV moments of 2022 (in no particular order) that the internet collectively lost its mind over, the good, the bad, and the unhinged!

Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead!!! Proceed at your own risk.

1. First, This Is Us came to a close after six seasons, and it ended with the perfect closing shot of The Big Three and then Jack and Randall in the past:

the three grown-up siblings sitting on the porch and then young randall and jack in the living room

2. On Wednesday, when the dance scene proved Jenna Ortega was truly BORN to play this role:

jenna as wednesday addams dancing in the middle of the dance floor

3. On House of the Dragon, when Aegon was crowned as king and Rhaenys said, "Not on MY watch!":

Rhaenys calls on a dragon to go after Aegon

4. Also on House of the Dragon, when...well, er, the feet scene:

closeup of feet on a table while a man stares at them

5. On Euphoria, when Rue exposed Cassie:

Rue: Hey Cass, I have a quick question for you. How long have you been fucking Nate Jacobs? Cass: what are you talking about? and all the teen friends in the living room are shocked

6. Also on Euphoria, when Lexi put on the play to end all plays:

men dancing on the stage with their shirts off while someone yells, Lexi you're a fucking G

7. On Stranger Things, when Max ran up that hill:

teen girl running away from a creepy man while the song, running up that hill, plays in the background

8. Also on Stranger Things, when Eddie died in the season finale and his last words were to Dustin:

Eddie says, I love you man. and dustin cries and screams i love you too

9. On Riverdale, when Archie proposed to Betty as a literal comet hurdled towards the world:

archie on his knee saying, we may not have much time, but I know what I wanna do with it. Marry me

10. On She-Hulk, when Megan Thee Stallion made an absolutely iconic cameo:

megan and she-hulk dancing in the office

11. On The Rings of Power, when Mount Doom erupted:

the mountain exploding into fire

12. On And Just Like That..., when Miranda asked Steve for a divorce:

Miranda: This isn't enough for me. Steve: Is this really happening? Really? Are you askin me for a divorce? Miranda: This is really happening, really

13. On The Umbrella Academy, when the show introduced us to Viktor in the most perfect way:

Viktor: It's uh, Viktor it's who i've always been. is that an issue for anyone? Diego, Klaus and Five say, nah, I'm good with it, truly happy for you Viktor

14. On Grey's Anatomy, when Meredith sent out her resignation letter, setting up Ellen Pompeo's exit after 19 seasons:

meredith writing the email on her laptop

15. On The Staircase, when Toni Collette recreated every possible scenario for Kathleen Peterson's death, including the owl theory:

photos of a large owl on a table and Toni in a hallway with blood dripping from her forehead

16. On The Crown, when they recreated THAT Charles and Camilla phone call:

Charles: God, I wish I could just live insdie your trousers or something. it'd be so much easier. Camilla: What are you going to turn into, a pair of knickers? Charles: or god forbid, a Tampax

17. On Killing Eve, when it seemed like Villanelle and Eve were about to get their happy ending together, but then the series finale shockingly killed Villanelle off:

Villanelle and Eva sharing a kiss in the middle of the road

18. On Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, when "A" returned scarier than ever and the show gave us this iconic chase scene between A and Noa:

scary masked person in overalls chasing a teen

19. On Abbott Elementary, when the teachers treated us to the best Halloween costumes ever:

the costumes including, a basketball player, mime, the scarlet witch, a pilot, bee, and storm from x-men

20. On Love Is Blind, when they aired the controversial "cuties footage" at the end of the Season 3 reunion:

closeup of a man sitting on the couch and then footage of him and his fiance in the kitchen as she peels cuties

21. On Only Murders in the Building, when Mabel and Alice (aka Cara Delevingne) kissed:

mabel and alice kissing

22. On Inventing Anna, when Anna received her sentence in the finale:

Anna crying in jail saying, those people in there they saw me i was dangerously close, and they saw that. now, the world will know that I am not an idiot. I'm not some dumb socialite. I'm a player. I was one step away

23. On Heartstopper, when Nick and Charlie had their first kiss:

One asks the other if they would ever kiss anyone that's not a girl. the other says they don't know. the first asks, would you kiss me? and the other responds yeah, and they share a kiss

24. On First Kill, when Juliette and Cal kissed...with a twist:

the two kissing and then one reveals fangs and bites the other's neck

25. On the Season 1 finale of Yellowjackets, when Jackie's fate was revealed:

Jackie frozen in the snow while a young girl screams, no no no no jackie wake up!

26. On Severance, when it was revealed that Mark's wife is alive:

a man looking at a photo of him and his wife

27. On Bridgerton, when Kate and Anthony had one of the best slow burns of all time and we collectively lost our minds over this kiss:

the two leaning close about to kiss

28. On the series finale of Legacies, when Klaus (and Caroline) made an appearance:

Klaus leaving a message for his daughter sayingyou will make mistakes in your life, you will go through hard times you will find love and you will lose it for such is the burden of immortality i love you so much always and forever

29. On Elite, when they shockingly killed off Samuel:

samuel with blood all over his face

30. On The Bear, when Season 1 ended with a letter to Carmy from Mikey:

the letter is the recipe for the family meal spaghetti

31. And finally, THAT Season 2, Episode 5 White Lotus twist:

woman looking up in shock

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