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16 TV Moments That Aren't Supposed To Be Funny, But Crack People Up

Raise your hand if you're scarred for life by that Saved by the Bell episode.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favorite TV moments that were supposed to be serious, but were so cringe that they ended up being funny. Here are some of their responses:

Spoilers ahead!

1. When Betty was diagnosed with the "serial killer genes" on Riverdale:

The CW

2. When Jessie tried caffeine pills on a very special episode of Saved by the Bell:

Jessie freaking out on caffeine pills: "I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so scared"

3. When Meredith dramatically revealed at a dinner party that Penny killed Derek on Grey's Anatomy:

Meredith: "That's right, perfect Penny killed my husband...pass those peas"

4. When a dog ate Dan's transplant heart on One Tree Hill:

The CW


5. When Ben tried to comfort Amy by telling her she's his whore on The Secret Life of the American Teenager:

Amy: "I am such a whore," Ben: "Well, you're MY whore"

6. When Grey's Anatomy randomly did a musical episode:

Singing "Chasing Cars" during Callie's surgery

7. When Elena realized Damon was leaving and just stood there crying, but not actually crying on The Vampire Diaries:

Elena crying with no tears: "please don't leave me"
The CW

8. When Ezra bragged about his master's degree on Pretty Little Liars:

Ezra: "I have a master's degree in American literature, there is nothing I can't handle"

9. When Archie told his fellow inmates they didn't understand the "epic highs and lows of high school football" on Riverdale:

The CW

10. When Olivia and Fitz had super awkward phone sex on Scandal:

Fitz tells Olivia he'd kiss her on the mouth so she could "taste herself"

11. When Dawson ugly-cried after Joey rejected him on Dawson's Creek:

The WB

12. When Elijah delivered this dramatic line on The Originals:

Elijah: " an assassination attempt"
The CW

13. When Tristan told Vijay he might have given him an STI in the least thoughtful way possible on Degrassi: Next Class:

Vijay: "Just tell me how bad it is, am I gonna die?" Tristan: "It's just chlamydia"

14. When Derek dramatically threw Meredith's engagement ring in the air and hit it with a baseball bat on Grey's Anatomy:

15. When Grace sincerely believed she killed her dad by having sex with Jack on The Secret Life of the American Teenager:

Grace tells her mom she killed her father by committing the sin of premarital sex

16. And finally, any time a family show tried to warn about the "dangers of weed," like this 7th Heaven scene:

"7th Heaven" scene where Matt gets caught with a joint and the family is devastated
The WB

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity. Not all entries were from Community users.

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