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    19 Of The Absolute Best Moments Between Gay Couples On TV

    "I love you more than I've ever loved anyone in this world."

    Spoilers ahead!

    1. First, when Toni rescued Cheryl from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and then they shared their first kiss on Riverdale:

    2. When Omar wasn't afraid to kiss Ander in front of everyone on Elite:

    3. When Patrick told David how he makes him feel on Schitt's Creek:

    4. When Lexa and Clarke kissed on The 100:

    5. When Marissa and Alex casually made out when Marissa's mom wasn't looking on The OC:

    6. When Ian proposed to Mickey on Shameless:

    7. When Brittany told Santana she loved her on Glee:

    8. When Zoë asked Rasha to prom on Degrassi: Next Class:

    9. When Adam asked Eric to hold his hand on Sex Education:

    10. When Kurt and Blaine knew each other's coffee order on Glee:

    11. When Izzie thought Casey was avoiding her and didn't like her back, but then Casey kissed her, on Atypical:

    12. When Isak and Even tried to just enjoy the moment on Skam:

    13. When Emily told Naomi exactly how she felt on Skins:

    14. When Alex told Paige she loved her on Degrassi: The Next Generation:

    15. When Magnus and Alec got married on Shadowhunters:

    16. When Josie and Hope confessed how much they missed each other on Legacies:

    17. When TJ and Cyrus finally held hands on Andi Mack:

    18. When Rue kissed Jules on Euphoria:

    19. And finally, when Cam and Mitchell finally got married on Modern Family: