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    17 TV Couples That Fans Fell In Love With And 17 They Ended Up Absolutely Hating

    Some things are meant to be.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV couples they fell in love with and which ones they ended up hating. Here's what they had to say!

    Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

    1. Loved: Ian and Mickey from Shameless

    Ian and Mickey wedding
    Tony Rivetti Jr. / Showtime / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "Ian and Mickey are the only reason I kept watching the later seasons of Shameless. Their arc lasted over a decade. We saw them grow up together. At every stage in their relationship, good and bad, their chemistry was undeniable. I was devastated, arguably too devastated, when Mickey had to leave the country. Cameron Monaghan and Noel Fisher brought them to life so beautifully — I don’t believe the show would have lasted without them."


    2. Hated: Lip and Tami from Shameless

    Lip and Tami sitting next to each other pensively

    "They had no chemistry whatsoever, and their entire relationship felt so forced. They never would have gotten together if she hadn't gotten pregnant. There was no passion, communication, or development between them."


    3. Loved: Brittany and Santana from Glee

    Brittany: "I love you Santana, more than I've ever loved anyone in this world"

    "For me as a young queer girl, Santana and Brittany's relationship was incredibly important. Watching them grow into one of the most successful couples on the show and eventually get married was truly an amazing experience."


    4. Hated: Kurt and Blaine from Glee

    Blaine thinks Kurt is cheating on him, Kurt says he feels like he's taken "crazy pills"

    "I loved Blaine in Season 2 and thought they were a great couple. Season 3, I tolerated them, but then there was so much cheating and drama. Blaine proposing to Kurt when they’d been broken up for months was stupid, especially considering it was in public."


    5. Loved: Veronica and Reggie from Riverdale

    The CW

    "They had so much chemistry, and their characters just matched well. Unlike Veronica and Archie, their relationship was more than just sex — Reggie supported Veronica and never cheated on her, and they had a 'partners in crime' dynamic. They felt like a real couple and not just friends with benefits, like Veronica and Archie."


    6. Hated: Archie and Veronica from Riverdale

    Archie and Veronica have a quickie in jail
    The CW

    "They're by far the worst romance on the show. Sure, they have physical chemistry, but that's it. Their solution to everything is to hook up. They hold each other back and are just annoying to watch."


    7. Loved: David and Patrick from Schitt's Creek

    Patrick tells David everything changed when he met him and that he "makes him feel right"
    Pop! / CBC

    "The show was great on its own, but their relationship was definitely the biggest reason I kept watching. They were so cute and perfect for each other — I couldn't help rooting for them till the end."


    8. Hated: Alexis and Mutt from Schitt's Creek

    Pop! / CBC

    "This relationship was doomed to end, given their differences in communication styles. Neither should've had to change who they were to stay together."


    9. Loved: Klaus and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries

    Klaus: "He's your first love, I intend to be your last"
    The CW

    "I know they were never officially a thing, but I was OBSESSED with Klaus and Caroline. They were the definition of toxic, but they had so much chemistry that my tween brain didn’t even care."


    10. Hated: Hope and Landon from Legacies

    Hope and Landon
    The CW

    “One of the things I’ve always loved about Hope is how strong, confident, and courageous she is, and her storylines have always been a perfect reflection of that. But lately, her storylines are revolving solely around Landon, and I’m getting so bored. Every single one of her actions has been centered on Hope finding Landon, Hope protecting Landon, and so on, and I miss when Hope just got to be Hope, an independent character that wasn’t so reliant on her love interest. Honestly, I think it’s time to move past this couple just for the sake of getting the Hope we know and love back.”


    11. Loved: Guzmán and Nadia from Elite

    Nadia holding Guzmán's face intimately in Season 1

    "They had so much chemistry, and the relationship really changed Guzmán for the better. Then they broke up when Nadia was in New York, and he went back to being a jerk."


    12. Hated: Omar and Ander from Elite

    Ander breaks up with Omar in Season 4

    "Ander treated Omar like garbage in Season 2, telling his friends that Omar was ‘embarrassing himself’ for dressing up as Tim Curry from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (when this was the first time we saw Omar feel comfortable in expressing his sexuality as a gay man). Ander also lied to Omar about finding out who killed Marina — whatever the reason, the outcome was a shit-ton of communication issues and deceit. In Season 3, Omar then cheated on Ander with Omar’s sister’s boyfriend while Ander suffered from cancer (yup, you read that right). I honestly think they're a terrible couple, and it annoys me because they were a beautiful pairing in Season 1."


    13. Loved: Stiles and Lydia from Teen Wolf

    Lydia: "I didn't say it back," Stiles: "You don't have to," they kiss

    "They had such a great buildup. Them finally admitting their feelings for each other was the best part of Season 6."


    14. Hated: Scott and Malia from Teen Wolf


    "The relationship made zero sense, plus they had no chemistry. You could clearly tell the writers only put them together because the characters needed new love interests after Stiles and Kira left."


    15. Loved: Cece and Schmidt from New Girl

    Schmidt and Cece flirting
    20th Cent. Fox / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "Schmidt and Cece's relationship was actually the OTP that made me keep watching. Even though they honestly started off messy, I couldn’t help but root for them. I cried when they finally got married."

    Aly Lee

    16. Hated: Coach and Cece from New Girl

    Coach on his phone at the game while sitting next to Cece
    20th Cent. Fox / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "Not only was their timing terrible, but there was absolutely no chemistry between them. I was rooting for Cece to break it off the whole time."


    17. Loved: Emily and Maya from Pretty Little Liars

    Emily and Maya tell each other "I love you"

    "Out of all of Emily's girlfriends, Maya was the best. Paige tried to drown her, and Alison was a jerk toward her, but Maya was the only one who treated her right." 


    18. Hated: Spencer and Caleb from Pretty Little Liars

    Spencer crying to Caleb

    "A real friend would never date their best friend's ex. I think they just threw them together to make the show more exciting."


    19. Loved: Jo and Alex from Grey's Anatomy

    Jo and Alex kiss

    "They were literal soulmates, and I was so devastated when Alex left her for Izzie and their children. Alex and Jo understood each other so well and brought out the best in each other."


    20. Hated: Maggie and Jackson from Grey's Anatomy


    "They had no chemistry at all, and their relationship seemed really forced. They even became stepsiblings later on, and no one questioned it!"


    21. Loved: Miles and Lola from Degrassi: Next Class

    Miles to Lola: "You were my Hope"

    "The actors had so much chemistry, and the characters brought out the best in each other. Unfortunately, their relationship suffered from poor timing, and Miles returned to Tristan, who was a toxic boyfriend."


    22. Hated: Tristan and Miles from Degrassi: Next Class

    Miles: "You're the one who called me a man whore," Tristan: "Yeah is there another name for someone who humps anything that moves?"

    "Tristan was so biphobic, and I’m not sure why the writers thought it was a good idea for him and Miles to be a thing. Miles deserved way better, honestly. Their relationship didn’t help Miles as a character, and it didn’t help Tristan, either."


    23. Loved: Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill

    Nathan tells Haley one of the only things he's certain of is that she's going to be the one wheeling him around when he's 80
    The CW

    "They were the only reason I watched One Tree Hill to the end. The show went downhill after Season 6, but their storyline carried all the good that was left."


    24. Hated: Lucas and Peyton from One Tree Hill

    Lucas says he doesn't want to hurt Brooke or come between her and Peyton but he "has" to be with Peyton, they kiss
    The WB

    "In Season 1 they had some semblance of chemistry between them, but it took them so long to get together that I was bored and annoyed with both of them by the time it finally happened. Peyton and Jake should have been endgame, and Lucas didn't deserve to be with anyone, really."


    25. Loved: Clarke and Lexa from The 100

    Clarke and Lexa sleep together
    The CW

    “Clarke and Lexa definitely deserved more time together on The 100. Their chemistry was through the roof, and when a version of Lexa returned for the series finale, it confirmed that they were soulmates. I wish we got to see more of them together and happy.”

    Nora Dominick

    26. Hated: Bellamy and Echo from The 100

    Bellamy kisses Echo
    The CW

    "Their past should have made it impossible for them to be in a relationship, but somehow the writers chose to go with it anyway. We saw no development, they were boring, and Bellamy cared more about Clarke than he ever did about Echo."


    27. Loved: Barney and Robin from How I Met Your Mother

    Barney and Robin
    CBS / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "They had way more chemistry than Ted and Robin."


    28. Hated: Robin and Ted from How I Met Your Mother

    Robin and Ted break up over their lifestyle differences

    "She repeatedly told him that she wasn’t interested, the writers made it very clear that they had different priorities and wanted different things, and they were simply forced together to suit a narrative that had been long outgrown. I’ve seen better chemistry in high school theater productions."


    29. Loved: Ben and Leslie from Parks and Recreation

    Ben proposes to Leslie

    "I loved everything about that pairing. Everyone deserves a relationship like theirs."


    30. Hated: Ann and Chris from Parks and Recreation

    Ann and Chris

    "They were kinda cute at first, but once they broke up, I was fine with that. I thought the whole thing of Chris being Ann's sperm donor and them falling in love again was a little weird."


    31. Loved: Jake and Amy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    FOX / Via

    "Peraltiago is one of the greatest relationships I’ve ever seen."


    32. Hated: Rosa and Jocelyn from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Rosa and Jocelyn

    "Rosa and Jocelyn's relationship in Brooklyn Nine-Nine was actually kinda toxic — Rosa was scared to talk about her at work in fear of being judged by the woman she was dating (not by her sexuality). Jocelyn then tried to break up with Rosa because Rosa was in the middle of finding a bomb, and she claimed she wasn't spending enough time with her." 


    33. And finally...Loved: Rory and Jess from Gilmore Girls

    Rory says she always knew Jess could write a book, he says he couldn't have done it without her
    The CW

    "Jess understood Rory, called her out on her bullshit, and truly cared about her, and she loved him. They were both very flawed characters, but Jess grew up and matured a lot, and they could have had something great. We were robbed of some really good scenes with them, and they only dated for like half a season."


    34. Hated: Rory and Logan from Gilmore Girls

    Rory and Logan have an affair in the revival
    Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection / Everett Collection

    "I hated them together. Rory became such a brat, and Logan was already a spoiled brat. I was happy when she rejected his proposal, but then they had an affair in the revival."


    Reminder that I, Kelly Martinez, do not necessarily endorse all of these opinions!!!

    Note: Some submissions were edited for length and/or clarity.