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    11 Teen Drama Friendships That Were Goals And 11 That Were Honestly Terrible

    We all want a friendship like Ryan and Seth.

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    Teen dramas are mostly about the romantic relationships — but personally, I prefer the friendships. They have the sweetest moments, and some of the most dramatic ups and downs.


    Warning: This post contains mentions of eating disorders, suicide, and sexual assault.

    That being said, some teen TV friendships are super cute, while others are horribly toxic. Allow us, as your Resident Teen Drama Experts™, to present you with the 11 absolute worst teen drama friendships along with the 11 absolute best:

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    Spoilers ahead!

    1. Good: Aimee and Maeve from Sex Education


    Aimee and Maeve have such an unlikely and sweet friendship. It was super emotional when Maeve helped Aimee cope with her sexual assault, and they're just so supportive of each other!

    2. Bad: Rue and Jules from Euphoria


    I know this later developed into a romantic relationship, but they were friends first. Rue relied way too heavily on Jules from the start, and Jules was dishonest and unreliable with Rue. As much as I want to love them, it's a toxic relationship any way you swing it.

    3. Good: Scott and Stiles from Teen Wolf


    Scott and Stiles were the definition of friendship goals. They were so funny together, but they were also really supportive. Stiles calling Scott his brother and Scott promising he'd fix it if Stiles was sick were both such amazing moments, and even when they disagreed or struggled, they always came out stronger on the other side.

    4. Bad: Kitty and Marley from Glee

    Kitty tells Marley "When we were doing Grease, I took in all your costumes so you'd think you were fat" as Marley cries

    I know they weren't real friends at this point, but Kitty literally caused Marley to have an eating disorder. I don't think any friendship can come back from this, and honestly Kitty should've stayed far away from Marley.

    5. Good: Miles and Zoë from Degrassi: Next Class

    Miles to Zoë: "Forget other people's definitions, be the person you want to be"

    They obviously didn't work as a couple, but their friendship was one of the best on the show. Miles was always completely supportive of Zoë and encouraged her to come to terms with her identity at her own pace, and Zoë was there for him after the bus crash in Season 3. Their friendship was truly genuine and amazing, and we deserved more of it.

    6. Bad: Adrianna and Silver from 90210

    Adrianna: I need you to know how sorry I am. Silver: You think switching my meds and sending me on a bipolar tailspin was a mistake because I didn't get into the college that I wanted?"
    The CW

    Silver dating Navid was way out of line, and I hated the way she handled it. And then Adrianna switched out Silver's meds and almost caused her to kill herself in return, which was just utterly awful. They weren't compatible friends in the first place and their friendship never should've been even a little bit repaired after this.

    7. Good: Damon and Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries

    Damon: "I'm sure there are about a billion people you'd rather be here with." Bonnie: "Not exactly"
    The CW

    Damon and Bonnie were the best part about the later seasons of The Vampire Diaries. They were SO different, and I loved how Bonnie challenged Damon to be a better, less selfish person that actually held himself accountable for his actions, much more than Elena had. Damon also fought for Bonnie more than anyone else had in the past, especially when she became evil and tried to kill all vampires.

    8. Bad: Annie and Naomi from 90210

    Naomi: "She acts like she's this innocent girl from Kansas. That is not what she is. Maybe at one time. Not anymore"
    The CW

    I just couldn't get behind this friendship after Annie dated Ethan, and then Naomi basically ruined Annie's life because she thought she'd also slept with Liam. I feel like they never were truly there for each other when the other one needed them and kept a ton of secrets from each other.

    9. Good: Ryan and Seth from The O.C.


    Honestly, Ryan and Seth invented friendship. They weren't just best friends, they were brothers! Sure, they fought from time to time, but they always, always had each other's backs and loved one another.

    10. Bad: Brooke and Peyton from One Tree Hill

    The WB

    Peyton stabbed Brooke in the back multiple times with Lucas, and Brooke just deserved better than that. Brooke was by no means perfect (that awful sex tape plot in Season 4 comes to mind), but she genuinely loved Peyton and valued her happiness in a way that Peyton never seemed to reciprocate. Was Lucas really so important that he was worth blowing up a lifelong friendship over?

    11. Good: Alex and Zach from 13 Reasons Why


    Honestly, I was rooting for these two as a couple, so I was a little bummed it didn't pan out that way. But regardless, they absolutely loved each other. Zach helped Alex recover after his suicide attempt, and Alex helped Zach see that he still had a future after Bryce broke his leg and ruined his chances of college football.

    12. Bad: Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl

    Blair: "Because you take everything from me, Nate, my mom, you can't even help it, it's who you are"
    The CW

    Their friendship was kind of iconic, but did these two even really like each other? They stabbed each other in the back SO many times and it seemed like they just barely tolerated each other half of the time. There were a few moments between them that were great, but it was just too much drama overall.

    13. Good: Haley and Brooke from One Tree Hill

    Haley: "I love you, Brooke Davis." Brooke: "I know. I love you, too"
    The CW

    Haley and Brooke's friendship grew SO much as their characters grew, and I absolutely adored them. They were so different, but they were always so non-judgmental and there for each other. They were such a great example of adult friends, and I adored them.

    14. Bad: Jessica and Ani from 13 Reasons Why

    Ani tells Jessica she slept with Bryce

    Ani at least apologized for this in Season 4, but this was still so, so bad. Ani acted like she was supportive of Jessica, but then went and knowingly slept with her rapist behind her back. It was absolutely awful.

    15. Good: Hanna and Emily from Pretty Little Liars

    Spencer suggests Emily and Aria go to the dance together, and Aria jokes she'd be like Samantha Ronson. Hanna intervenes to say it doesn't matter who anyone goes to the dance with, and Emily should go with who she wants to

    Hanna was so supportive of Emily's sexuality from the start, like when she combated Aria's subtle homophobia and encouraged Emily to take who she wanted to the dance, or when she demanded Wilden give Emily her letter to Alison back. And Emily could tone down Hanna's sharper edges and help her through tough times, like when she was the first to approach her in the dollhouse. They were my favorite pairing of the Liars and deserved even more screen time!

    16. Bad: Willow and Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Xander: "Willow. We were just kissing. It doesn't mean much." Willow: "It just means that you'd rather be with someone you hate than be with me"
    The WB

    Xander was a super bad friend to Willow. He knew she had feelings for him and never told her it wasn't going to happen. When he was supposed to watch Oz while he was a werewolf, he slept all night and almost caused Oz to get out and kill someone. And then when she was finally happy with someone else, he decided he actually did like her. Willow deserved better!

    17. Good: Allison and Lydia from Teen Wolf


    Allison challenged Lydia to be a better person and to expect more out of love and life, and Lydia always supported Allison no matter what. They were so protective of each other, like when Allison threatened Peter when they went to see him, or when Lydia tried to tell Scott not to bring Allison when she was kidnapped. Lydia's reaction to Allison's death was so heartbreaking and I'm still not over it.

    18. Bad: Tristan and Zoë from Degrassi: Next Class

    Tristan says Zoë is just desperate for attention and she replies, "that's a little rich coming from you"

    Tristan pressured Zoë to come out before she was ready, knowing it could be unsafe for her to do so with her conservative mother. He didn't seem to care that she was self-harming and hurting emotionally, and he didn't even try to understand where she was coming from. Their friendship was shallow and not genuine at all, and Zoë deserved a better "best friend."

    19. Good: Samuel and Guzmán from Elite


    They started off absolutely hating each other, but grew to have a beautiful friendship once Guzmán realized Nano wasn't responsible for Marina's murder. Watching them work together as a team was great and honestly pretty entertaining and funny.

    20. Bad: Aria and Hanna from Pretty Little Liars

    Hanna tells Aria that Zach hit on her and Aria accuses her of trying to kiss him, saying she's the problem

    Honestly, I think Aria was kind of a bad friend to everyone, but Hanna got it the worst. She called Hanna her best friend but always lied to her and wasn't there for her when it mattered. When she victim-blamed Hanna and accused her of being the problem after her mom's fiancé tried to kiss Hanna, I drew the line.

    21. Good: Archie and Reggie from Riverdale

    The CW

    Dare I say, I actually like this friendship much more than Archie and Jughead's friendship! Yeah, they had some brief drama over Veronica and football, but they worked it out in the end. Archie was there for Reggie with his dad and Reggie definitely cares a lot about him. It's the perfect bromance.

    22. Bad: Betty and Veronica from Riverdale

    The CW

    I love the idea of Betty and Veronica and I loved them in Season 1, but...they don't even really seem like friends anymore? They're supposed to be best friends, but they hardly ever interact in the newer episodes, not to mention Betty and Archie kissed behind Veronica's back.

    23. And finally...It's Complicated: Nadia and Lu from Elite

    Lu admits to Nadia that she admires her, then quickly backtracks and says she meant to say she can't stand her, Nadia hugs her

    To be clear, absolutely nothing excuses the racist remarks Lu made and the way she treated Nadia early on in the show, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love their eventual friendship. Once they stopped fighting over Guzmán and grades, they had great chemistry and their friendship was easily the best part of Season 3.

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