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The "Arthur" Episode Where They Get Locked In The Library Is Perfect And I Need To Talk About It

The real lesson here: never call your friend a marshmallow.

Hey, hey, it's a beautiful day! Today we're going to take a little stroll down memory lane and revisit one of the greatest TV shows ever, Arthur.


Remember? It's the classic PBS show about Arthur the aardvark and his neighborhood pals. BTW, Muffy is the best character and I will not be arguing about this.

Muffy holds out her door to Arthur and Buster and says, "Arthur would you like a ride to school?", Buster tries to get into the car, Muffy stops him and says, "Just Arthur"

I was definitely super obsessed with Arthur as a kid. There's one episode in particular that still lives in my head rent-free, though: "Locked in the Library."

Arthur and Francine talking to Ms. Turner at her desk, captioned, "world's most irresponsible librarian"

It all starts at school when Francine confronts Arthur for calling her...a marshmallow. The audacity!

Francine: "Arthur Read! Did you tell everyone I look like a marshmallow?" Buster: "Yeah don't you remember? When she was wearing that goofy sweater"

Goddammit, Buster. Have you no sense of loyalty?!

Then their teacher, Mr. Ratburn, assigns a project and makes Arthur and Francine partners, because by law you always have to get paired up with the person you can't stand.

Mr. Ratburn: "You'll be working in pairs," Class: "Yay!" Mr. Ratburn: "That I have assigned," Class: "Aww"

Read the room, Mr. Ratburn.

Arthur and Francine go to work on their project at the library, but Francine is all, "Don't talk to me, don't even look at me." So, they end up doing their "research" separately.

Francine reading unrelated novel looking bored with headphones, Arthur sleeping on couch

Live look at me working from home.

Hours go by, and...uh-oh! Arthur and Francine don't notice that the library is...dun dun DUN...closed!

Arthur in empty dark library captioned "Hello?"

In fairness to Arthur and Francine, what kind of librarian doesn't even check to make sure everyone is gone before locking up? Looking at you, Ms. Turner!

Arthur looking angry and confused, shrugging

Anyway, the library is freakin' TERRIFYING at night. Seriously, this episode made me irrationally afraid of getting locked in a library as a kid.

scary clock looking like it's about to eat Arthur captioned, "Having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card"

Really, what the hell is this, PBS Kids??! A nightmare, a literal NIGHTMARE!!

cartoonishly evil looking clock with eye and teeth

Luckily, Francine and Arthur manage to make up and their parents finally come and rescue them. No thanks to you, Ms. Turner!

Ms. Turner: "I have no idea how this could have happened!" D.W. with her hands on her hips looking angry, captioned "me, unimpressed"

I'm also very confused about what these parents were doing this entire time. Like, they knew Arthur and Francine were at the library and they just...sat around being worried?

Arthur and Francine's parents hugging them

So remember, kids: always pay attention to the library announcements! And never, ever, call your friend a marshmallow.

Arthur and Francine boasting about their story at school
PBS Kids
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