Almost Every TV Show Has Plot Holes, But These 26 Teen Show Inconsistencies Really Grind My Gears

    I could make a whole list of just Degrassi plot holes alone.

    Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

    1. Let's start with One Tree Hill. Haley gave birth to Jamie on graduation day, but she and Nathan didn't get back together until a few months into senior year. So she was only pregnant for like...six months tops?

    Haley's not even pregnant yet on Halloween, gives birth on graduation day

    2. On Degrassi: The Next Generation, why was Chantay a student there for literally forever?

    Meme of Chantay at graduation saying, "Pls get me out of here"

    3. Also on Degrassi: The Next Generation, J.T. references his parents a lot in the earlier seasons. But in the later seasons, it was apparently his grandmother who raised him.

    4. ALSO, what happened to Spinner's sister, Kendra, on Degrassi: The Next Generation? She just vanished with no explanation. Someone should look into this.

    5. And who could forget the mysterious case of Tina Pinciotti, Donna's little sister on That '70s Show who just seemingly vanished into thin air?

    6. In Season 1 of 13 Reasons Why, Hannah includes Zach on the tapes because he stole her compliment notes. But in Season 2, it's revealed that they had this whole secret summer fling, and it was after the notes thing happened. So...did Hannah just not forgive Zach for that the entire time they were dating, or what?

    7. On Saved by the Bell, Kelly and Jessie both just randomly disappeared for the whole final season, and Tori joined the friend group instead. But then in the finale, Kelly and Jessie randomly come back for graduation, while Tori is nowhere to be found.

    Kelly and Jessie

    8. Let's also talk about perhaps the most glaring continuity error on Saved by the Bell: Zack, Screech, and Lisa were all initially students at a middle school in Indiana. Then, all three of them apparently move to the same California high school, along with the same principal.

    Zack and Mr. Belding

    9. On Riverdale, if Cheryl and Jason were supposed to be twins, why were they in different grades? Cheryl was in the same grade as Betty, but Jason was in the same grade as Betty's older sister, Polly...huh?

    Jason and Cheryl looking at each other in the pilot

    10. Also, can someone please explain what the hell is up with the timeline on Riverdale??

    Veronica gets into Harvard class of 2024; she says it's 2021 after the 7-year time jump

    11. Speaking of grades, why did Beverly Hills, 90210 have everyone be juniors twice? Maybe literally everyone got held back?


    12. And on 90210, whatever happened to Annie and Dixon's dad, Harry? I mean, I know he left town after the divorce, but there's zero mention of him when Dixon has his car accident or even when Annie gets shot.

    Dixon severely injured in hospital after car accident

    13. On Pretty Little Liars, CeCe Drake is listed as prom queen in the Rosewood High yearbook. This would be fine, except, uh...she never went to Rosewood High??

    14. You know what I'm also really concerned about? All the moms just being left in Alison's basement on Pretty Little Liars. How did they get out?!

    The moms trapped in the basement with no way out

    15. I could go on and on about Pretty Little Liars plot holes forever, but I'll just leave you with one last one: Pretty much everything about the timeline of Toby's mom's death made no sense.

    Toby's mother

    16. In the Season 3 finale of Elite, Rebe clearly throws the glass bottle right near Polo's body after they all put their fingerprints on it. But in a flash-forward in the first episode of Season 3, the detective claims they never found the bottle.

    Detective: "we haven't found the murder weapon," Rebe throwing the bottle obviously nearby

    17. On Cruel Summer, pretty much everything about the timeline of Jamie and Jeanette's relationship is confusing. He says they started talking while he was putting up missing person posters, but then it's later shown that she was the one who told him Kate was missing in the first place.

    Jamie and Jeanette on her 16th birthday

    18. On Veronica Mars, how the HECK did Meg and her unborn baby survive that bus crash when everyone else on board was killed instantly? I know she eventually dies, but still.

    Pregnant Meg awake in the hospital after the crash

    19. On Degrassi: The Next Generation, Zig gets into a fight with Jonah. But then in the first episode of Degrassi: Next Class, they act like it's the first time they're meeting.

    Jonah and Zig shaking hands captioned "gonna ignore that you beat me up last season," "sweet"

    20. This one is petty, but hear me out: On Degrassi: Next Class, Miles keeps saying how Tristan is the only person who's ever been there for him. But we literally NEVER saw this.

    Tristan tells Miles he's a terrible person and that he's going to wake up one day and realize he has nobody and that he's so happy he won't be there for that sad day; Miles says Tristan's always been the one person who treats him like he's normal

    21. Speaking of inconsistent characters, what was up with Eric's sudden personality change on Boy Meets World? Wasn't he initially supposed to be the cool, charming older brother?

    S1 Eric: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful," him stuck in the couch cushions later on

    22. And while we're talking Boy Meets World, how did baby Joshua magically age, like, four years for the finale? Wasn't he just born a couple of months ago?

    Josh is born episode; 4-year-old Josh in the finale

    23. Who the heck was the real father of Theresa's baby on The O.C.? She claimed it was Eddie, but the kid looked exactly like Ryan, and Theresa's mom even made a point of saying he was "looking more and more like his daddy every day."

    Ryan and Theresa sitting on the couch together

    24. Whatever happened to Dan and Serena's half-brother on Gossip Girl? Did everyone just forget how weird it was that they shared a literal sibling?

    Dan and Serena's brother Scott

    25. Also on Gossip Girl, why exactly were Chuck and Nate taking the bus to school with Dan in the pilot? I don't think they ever travel by any means but limos and private jets for the rest of the series.

    26. And finally, HOW THE HELL was Dan Gossip Girl?!

    Gossip Girl blast about Jenny losing her virginity