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Spencer And Olivia From "All American" Had The Best Slow Burn Of All Time, And Here Are 21 Moments To Prove It

#Spelivia forever.

When it comes to TV couples, I am a major sucker for slow burns. There's nothing quite as satisfying as seeing two characters FINALLY admit their feelings for each other and get together.

There are tons of great slow-burn relationships on TV. Today, I'd like to discuss one of my more recent favorite ships: Spencer and Olivia from All American, aka Spelivia.

Spencer and Olivia smiling together in Season 3

While I did also enjoy their characters' relationships with other people on the show, it was obvious from the beginning that these two were always meant to be. Here are some moments that prove it:

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

1. First, when they partnered up in science class and immediately had that ~chemistry~ (no pun intended).

Olivia: "You can share with me, I'll warn you my chromosomal DNA knowledge is nonexistent at best," Spencer: "I might be able to help with that"

2. When Spencer was the only person to ask Olivia if she was truly OK after rehab.

Olivia: "I'm good as new, it's fine now," Spencer: "Is it?" Olivia: "You know you're the first person to even ask me that?"

3. When they teased us with this almost hookup in the hot tub.

Spencer and Olivia looking at each other in the hot tub captioned "burning tension"

4. When everyone could see that there was something between them, even if they weren't ready to admit it.

Chris says there was something between Spencer and Olivia and that there still is

5. When they had this adorable, A+ banter.

Spencer says not all guys can read minds, Olivia says he can, Spencer says he's "special" and winks playfully

6. When they absolutely *owned* the dance floor like a power couple before they were even a couple.

Spencer and Olivia dance together, she kisses him on the cheek

7. When Spencer told Olivia how proud he was of the person she'd become.

Spencer says he's proud of Olivia and that she's come a long way since they met, "and your podcast is fire and not just because you mentioned my name"

8. When Spencer literally took a bullet for her.

Spencer grabs Olivia and moves her out of the way and saves her from the bullet

9. When Olivia stayed by Spencer's side in the hospital after he was shot.

Cuddling in hospital bed, Olivia: "Thanks for saving my life," Spencer: "Any time"

10. When they dated other people, but still had lingering feelings, and they served this peak angst™.

11. When they admitted how much they missed each other.

Spencer: "We got real close this last year and we helped each other through a lot. And I know this summer changed some things, I miss my friend," Olivia: "I miss my friend," they hug

12. When they had this epic kiss and Spencer finally realized his feelings.

Spencer: "Maybe it was the day I got shot watching movies with you all summer, maybe it's been since my first day at Beverly and I just ain't realized it, but I know now, I'm in love with you"

13. When Spencer reminisced about the day he and Olivia first met.

Spencer: "That's my day one, we shared a laptop and bonded over chromosomal DNA, I don't know we just vibe over everything, it's hard to explain, we just get each other"

14. When Olivia finally admitted she loved Spencer too.

Olivia tells Spencer she wants to make her feelings about him clear, kisses him

15. When Spencer was there for Olivia when she relapsed and helped her realize she needed help.

Spencer: "You're strong enough to fight this, you're strong enough to go home and face your family, I believe that"

16. When Spencer was truly Olivia's number-one fan.

Spencer tells Olivia she's brave inspiring and beautiful and not to let anonymous people online ever make her doubt that

17. When they had this ridiculously hot makeout sesh at a party.

Spencer and Olivia kiss

18. When everyone knew they were good for each other.

Jordan tells Olivia that her recovery will still come first if she's with the right person who really knows her and what's best for her

19. When they finally, FINALLY became official.

Olivia tells Spencer she wants to be with him, they kiss

20. When Olivia proudly told everyone Spencer was, in fact, her boyfriend.

Spencer tells Jordan they're "not putting a label on it," Olivia says he's her boyfriend and kisses him

21. And finally, when they slow-danced and melted the hearts of Spelivia stans everywhere.

Spencer says he had no idea he'd end up loving her so much, Olivia says he was always it for her, "thank you for being patient with me," "you were so worth the wait"

Spencer + Liv forever 💕

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