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    11 Hated Characters From Teen Dramas Who Weren't That Bad, And 11 Who Actually Were

    I'm captain of the Marissa Cooper defense squad and I'm proud.

    I'm a sucker for a good teen drama. I love watching the characters get into ridiculous drama, make mistakes, and grow up.

    Admittedly, some characters are pretty hard to root for. We all have that one character who just plain gets on our nerves. But I also think sometimes we're too harsh on certain characters. So, let's take a look and see which teen drama characters were actually the worst, and which ones didn't deserve the hate!


    🚨 Spoilers ahead! 🚨

    1. Let's start with an easy one: Dawson was totally insufferable on Dawson's Creek.

    The WB

    He was whiny, pretentious, and just a boring character overall. Sure, a lot of us rooted for Joey and Dawson in the very beginning — but let's be real, once Pacey entered the scene, Dawson never stood a chance.

    2. But Marissa wasn't actually the worst on The OC.

    The WB

    Marissa is constantly ranked as one of the worst main characters in TV history, but I will forever defend her. I'm not going to lie, the girl was drama. But she was also a really good friend to Summer, saved Ryan's life, and genuinely always tried to help people. I think she just had a lot of awful things happen to her and didn't know how to cope. She definitely didn't deserve to die.

    3. Dawn's character was a mistake on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    The WB

    Look, I get that the creators wanted Buffy to have an important relationship outside of her love interests. And I get that Dawn was just a kid and had a lot of trauma...but my god, she was SO annoying. She acted way younger than her age, threw tantrums when things didn't go her way, and dragged Buffy down.

    4. But you know who wasn't actually that bad looking back? Jenny from Gossip Girl.

    The CW

    I'm not going to pretend like she was my favorite or anything, but compared to all the horrible things other characters got away with on the show, Jenny wasn't that bad. I honestly found her downfall more sad than anything, and never really got on board with the Jenny hate train.

    5. Dan actually WAS awful on Gossip Girl, though.

    The CW

    On top being freaking GOSSIP GIRL the whole time, he was stuck-up, jealous, and annoying. He acted like he was so above everyone else when he actually turned out to be the worst of all. Were we really supposed to be okay with Serena marrying him after everything?!

    6. But I don't understand the hate for Archie on Riverdale.

    Dean Buscher / The CW

    I get that he's not always the most riveting character, but I really don't see anything wrong with the guy. He'll go to the ends of the earth to protect the people he cares about, loves his family more than anything, and has always been there for his friends.

    7. However, I do totally understand the hate for Marina on Elite.


    Don't get me wrong, she definitely didn't deserve to be murdered. But UGH, it was really, really hard to like this girl. She started off seemingly sweet and nice, then went on to screw over literally everyone in her life. I mean, she got pregnant by her boyfriend's brother, for crying out loud.

    8. I think Nadia deserves more love on Elite.


    I wouldn't say she's widely hated the same way Marina or Polo are, but Nadia really doesn't get enough credit. She's fearless, incredibly driven, and she can admit when she's wrong. Her friendship with Lu was easily the best part of Season 3, and she and Guzmán were one of the best couples on the show.

    9. Lucas was honestly hot garbage on One Tree Hill.

    The WB

    Look, Lucas was cute and all, but let's be real: He was a total fuckboy. He constantly made crappy decisions, and always played the victim. He would cheat on his girlfriends and then go mope at a basketball court and quote J.D. Salinger or something. He NEVER LEARNED.

    10. But I don't think Rachel was a bad character on Glee at all.


    I know she could be annoying, but the whole point of her character was that she was supposed to be over-the-top and dramatic. Yeah, she did some crappy things, but who didn't on this show? I never really got the hate.

    11. Ani's character was an unnecessary addition to 13 Reasons Why.


    I wanted to like this girl, but she was just awful. I don't understand why they introduced a brand-new character to be the narrator when there were plenty of other characters they could have used. It felt like a weak replacement for Hannah, and her relationship with Bryce was so uncomfortable to watch.

    12. But Alex is still one of my favorites on 13 Reasons Why.


    A lot of fans felt that Season 3 ruined his character, but I don't think it did. I'm not saying Alex should face zero consequences, but I honestly don't feel any sympathy for Bryce and don't want to see Alex go to jail for the rest of his life over the murder.

    13. Johnny was a terrible character on The OC.


    I felt some sympathy for Johnny, but his character mostly felt like Oliver 2.0. His death really messed Marissa up, and I think the show's writing really got off track when they introduced his storyline.

    14. Lindsay was actually a good addition to The OC, though.

    The WB

    I didn't love the whole "secret love child" storyline, but I actually did like Lindsay a lot as a character. She was down-to-earth and realistic, and her character felt like a nice contrast to the rest of the crowd. Her dating Ryan was just icky, though — they weren't biologically related, sure, but if you have to ask your family if it'd be weird to probably is.

    15. Rory grew up to be a terrible person on Gilmore Girls.

    The WB

    In the early seasons of Gilmore Girls, Rory was everything my teenage self aspired to be. I loved that that she actually cared about school and her career instead of just revolving her life around guys. But in the later seasons, Rory's character became unrecognizable — she got arrested and dropped out of Yale, had affairs with married guys, became estranged from her mom, cheated on her boyfriends, and became incredibly selfish and entitled. I'm still mad about how the revival ended, TBH.

    16. But Jess had one of the best character developments on Gilmore Girls.

    The WB

    Sure, Jess was a "bad boy" with a cocky attitude as a teenager, but he grew up to be a successful writer and a great guy overall. In fact, I think he turned out to be too good for Rory in the end. He wasn't always the greatest boyfriend back in high school, but I think he's one of the few characters who actually learned and grew from his mistakes. Plus, he got Rory's life back on track not once, but twice.

    17. Tristan was one of the worst characters of all time on Degrassi.


    I wanted to root for him, but he was just awful. He was a horrible friend to Maya, pressured Zoë to come out before she was ready, and constantly invalidated his boyfriend's bisexuality because he was "insecure" about their relationship or whatever. He never learned from any of his mistakes and always had to be the victim in every situation. Miles deserved better!

    18. But Anna deserved a chance on One Tree Hill.

    The WB

    A lot of people didn't like the new characters in Season 2, but I thought Anna was actually a good addition to the group. Her presence made things more interesting, she had some of the best feminist takes, and she was one of the first bisexual Latina characters on TV. Her brother, Felix, was a total jerk and needed to go, but Anna should have stuck around.

    19. Dean was the actual worst on Gilmore Girls.

    The WB

    I actually really liked Dean in Season 1, but he became less and less tolerable as the show went on. He became overly needy and possessive, and it felt like his character just dragged Rory down. Everyone always acted like he was this perfect boyfriend, but he was actually super controlling and jealous. Rory wasn't perfect either, but looking back, Dean's behavior wasn't cool — you shouldn't have to be scared of your own boyfriend when you argue.

    20. I think Reggie gets a lot of unnecessary hate on Riverdale, though.

    The CW

    I didn't even realize so many fans disliked Reggie until recently, honestly. I know he can be kind of a jerk at times, but I still think he's a pretty decent guy at heart. He was a good boyfriend to Veronica while they lasted and he hasn't let relationship drama get in the way of his friendship with Archie. Plus, I feel really bad for him with his dad — can Mary Andrews adopt him?!

    21. Ben was the worst of the worst on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.


    Seriously, we were supposed to like this guy?! He was whiny, entitled, and creepily obsessed with Amy. He put his girlfriends on a pedestal and threw a fit whenever things didn't go his way. I don't think he really loved Amy, just the idea of her.

    22. And finally, Silver deserved better on 90210.

    The CW

    Silver gets a lot of hate for her actions, but I still liked her as a character overall. Yeah, she didn't always make the best choices (still trying to block out her and Navid's whole affair), but her heart was usually in the right place and she definitely cared about her friends. She deserved a happy ending, not getting a cancer diagnosis in the finale.

    Do you agree with these character opinions? Disagree? Want to fight? Let us know in the comments!

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