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    Nancy Drew Is Apparently Dead, The Hardy Boys Are Solving Her Murder, And I Don't Know What's Happening Anymore

    First Mr. Peanut, now Nancy?!

    We all know and love legendary sleuth Nancy Drew, right?

    She's a very talented detective who started off as a popular book character almost a century ago and has since been the subject of many movies and TV shows.

    Nancy's 90th anniversary is coming up, and a new comic is celebrating by...killing her off and having the Hardy Boys solve her murder.

    The upcoming comic is called Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys: The Death of Nancy Drew, illustrated by Riverdale artist Joe Eisma.

    Twitter was NOT happy to hear about Nancy's fate:

    The men cannot have Nancy Drew they will have to pry her out of my COLD, DEAD HANDS

    Nancy Drew and the Motherfucking Patriarchy

    Bold of men to think that Nancy Drew can be killed. I’ve read enough Nancy Drew books to recognize that she’s more powerful than this mortal realm and everyone in it

    Killing off Nancy Drew so the Hardy Boys can investigate her death? Not today, Satan.

    lmfao to live long enough to see Nancy Drew get fridged. what a world

    "with the girl detective celebrating 90 years, a fan favorite show on the CW, and a recent film" we thought we'd... kill her.

    @Polygon The twist damn well better be that a) she's alive b) she hired them to investigate her murder so that c) she could continue a bigger ongoing investigation while her target thought her dead only to reveal herself to her friends at the finale. Because that's how Nancy Drew would do

    Bro they killed Nancy Drew and Mr. Peanut in the same week. Nobody is safe.

    I know we don't know very many details yet, but I'm not happy either. Let's hope Nancy's not really dead and is pulling a Gone Girl instead.