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    28 "Degrassi" Scenes We'll Never Stop Talking About

    🎵Whatever it takes, I know I can make it through! 🎵

    From its Drake days to Degrassi: Next Class, the show has had a million iconic moments that made you laugh, cry, and scream at your TV. Here are some of the most memorable!

    (Be advised that some of the topics below may be sensitive subjects for some readers.)

    1. First, when Manny wanted to be hot, so she walked down the hallway and showed off her thong.

    2. When Marco kissed Craig to spite Dylan and Craig had this iconic reaction.

    3. When Eli crashed his hearse, Morty, after Clare broke up with him.

    4. When Alex told Paige she loved her.

    5. When Bianca took Drew to the boiler room, kicking off their epic romance.

    6. When Miles officially came out as bisexual.

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    7. When Emma angrily confronted Jay for giving her an STD with this iconic line.

    8. When Manny got pregnant after her first time and decided to have an abortion.

    9. When Clare went off on Eli after their breakup.

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    10. When K.C. and Jenna unintentionally had the funniest argument ever.

    11. When the school bus crashed on the way to the volleyball game.

    12. When Lola was the first person to tell Miles his sexuality was valid.

    13. When Jimmy (aka young Drake) was shot and lost the ability to walk.

    14. When Craig's abusive father died suddenly, leaving him to deal with a roller coaster of emotions.

    15. When everyone just casually did ecstasy at a seventh-grade party.

    16. When Adam told his friends he was transgender.

    17. When Frankie, Esme, and Zig had kind of an iconic polyamorous relationship.

    18. When Liberty told J.T. she was pregnant and J.T. crashed the car.

    19. When Maya struggled with severe depression following her boyfriend Campbell's suicide.

    20. When Eli was sick of the anti-gay behavior at Degrassi, so he made Romeo and Juliet into a musical about two guys.

    21. When Caitlin found out about Joey's affair and had the perfect response.

    22. When Fiona came out to Holly J. as a lesbian.

    23. When Paige made a dramatic entrance for the new year.

    24. When Lola uploaded a video about her abortion to break the stigma.

    25. When Zoë and Rasha won prom royalty after Zoe's mother disowned her for being gay.

    26. When Yael realized they were nonbinary.

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    27. When Eli and Clare finally had sex on prom night.

    28. And finally, when J.T. was tragically stabbed while on his way to tell Liberty he loved her.