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23 TV Characters That Almost Ruined The Whole Show For People

"I don't think they could have made her any more insufferable if they tried."

We recently asked people of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what TV characters were so terrible, they almost ruined the show. Here are their responses:

1. Andy Bernard, The Office


"He was okay at first, but then I found myself cringing and just trying to get through the episodes he was in. He annoyed me to no end, and he just wasn't funny to me."


2. Marina Nunier, Elite


"She was dumb, selfish and overall so annoying. Thank God she was gone for Season 2." —mpausalazar

3. Dawn Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The WB

"What were the writers thinking with this one? They admitted the role was originally written for a much younger girl, but when they cast Michelle Trachtenberg they neglected to adjust the writing for her, so she was just a whiny teen."


4. Castiel, Supernatural

The CW

"I stopped watching after Season 5 when it became clear he wasn't going anywhere and the show would never return to the same 'two brothers hunting monsters' vibe that I enjoyed."


5. April Rhodes, Glee


"Even though she was an infrequent guest star, she ruined every episode she was in. She was such a bad character that even Kristin Chenoweth couldn’t make her charismatic."


6. Rory Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

Warner Bros

"After she started dating Logan, her character just went downhill. She became self-centered and rude."


7. Steven Crain, The Haunting of Hill House


"He was just such a dick! He didn't help his siblings with anything and he was a hypocrite for publishing ghost stories that he didn’t believe himself."


8. Lindsey Strauss, One Tree Hill

The WB

"The character was awful. Anytime I rewatch the show, I skip her season."


9. Tate Langdon, American Horror Story


"His existence drove me INSANE. Violet found out Tate was a school shooter who murdered innocent people and just....didn’t care?"


10. Rachel Berry, Glee


"They always found a way to center the show around her, even though her character was arrogant and annoying."


11. Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother


"He was so needy and insufferable, yet the show was framed through his eyes. If it wasn’t for the other characters, I don’t know if I could have made it through the series."


12. Kate and Kevin Pearson, This Is Us


"They're both self-absorbed and have incredibly poor communication skills. They make people feel like crap, and they certainly don’t act like their amazing dad who they idolize."


13. Grace Adler, Will & Grace


"I enjoyed the show for the first couple of seasons, but then Grace became so selfish that it wasn't even funny anymore. I actually stopped watching."


14. Brandon Foster, The Fosters


"He was so whiny and made the stupidest decisions. Anytime the main storyline was about him, I would get so annoyed."


15. Piper Chapman, Orange Is the New Black


"I don't think they could have made her any more insufferable if they tried. I only watched the show for the supporting characters."


16. Pierce Hawthorne, Community


"He was rude, selfish, arrogant, homophobic, racist, sexist, and just overall didn’t have any redeeming qualities. He never did anything for anyone other than himself and it drove me crazy."


17. Ani Anchola, 13 Reasons Why


"I just couldn’t understand why they brought in a new character to narrate when there were loads of perfectly good ones already in the show. She was hard to relate to and she acted like she knew everything about everyone."


18. Trish Walker, Jessica Jones


"Everything about her was toxic. She had an inferiority complex as wide as the Pacific Ocean and bullied Jessica over what she thought a hero should be. She was the last person on that show that should've gotten powers."


19. April Kepner, Grey's Anatomy

Eric Mccandless / ABC

"She’s so annoying and judgmental. Her relationship with Jackson was painful — I don’t understand how people thought they were cute when they had nothing in common. Once the show started focusing more on her, I stopped watching."


20. Oliver Trask, The O.C.


"I hated that everyone thought Ryan was just being paranoid and I was bothered when Marissa just believed Oliver over Ryan when she didn't really know anything about Oliver. To this day, whenever I rewatch The OC, I skip over that storyline."


21. Eugene Porter, The Walking Dead


"He's whiny, lazy, and downright rude. I get that he's stuck in the apocalypse and all, but so is everyone else in the show."


22. Mon-El, Supergirl

The CW

"I had to stop watching because of how much I hated him. He was obnoxious, rude, and arrogant. And to have him replace James as Kara's love interest was just terrible. I mean, didn't he own slaves?! Who thought this was okay?"


23. Paige Jennings, The Americans


"She's just insanely rude to her parents and has that "I-am-an-obnoxious-teenager-and-can-do-whatever-I-want" vibe."


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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