19 Jokes About John Mulaney That Are Almost As Good As A New Special

    Monkey, monkey, monkey man.

    You're probably familiar with John Mulaney: beloved stand-up comedian, occasional SNL host, and the voice behind Into the Spider-Verse character Spider-Ham.

    Here are 19 of the funniest tweets about him:


    I don't know why it's true but if the horrible goose had a voice it would be John Mulaney


    just saw bill clinton on the street which means he will never forget me according to john mulaney


    when John Mulaney adapts his jokes for a regional audience https://t.co/7j4EQcaVJL


    the reason john mulaney as spider-ham worked so damn well is bc spider-ham was styled like an old fashioned cartoon looney toon character and john mulaney sounds like a radio announcer from the 1930s whos been sitting in a room on a chair for 28 years eating saltine crackers


    no one: john mulaney: i used to do cocaine, i’m catholic, my wife is jewish, and we have a french bulldog named petunia


    no it is not unhealthy how much i prioritize a potential partner’s love for john mulaney why do you ask


    john mulaney could do wolf of wall street but leonardo dicaprio couldn’t do kid gorgeous


    john mulaney’s dad: why didn’t you do anything? john mulaney: cause i was over on the bench! john mulaney’s dad: https://t.co/igsrqG2LGN


    gonna tell my kids this was beto o’rourke


    John Mulaney's energy is deeply that of every str8 boy who did theatre in high school that I had an unrequited crush on and I'm into it but also find it deeply threatening


    John Mulaney’s Dad: {\__/} ( • . •) / >🍟pulling into McDonalds {\__/} ( • - •) ☕️< \ and ordering one black coffee


    that one scene in the Odyssey where Odysseus is stuck in the cyclops cave and he tells the cyclops his name is Nobody so the cyclops loses its shit and tells his cyclops gf “NOBODY IS IN THE CAVE” and she’s like “....ok dude whatever” was the John Mulaney of prehistoric comedy


    I can only hold grudges against acquaintances because honestly if we’re friends, in the words of the great John Mulaney, you could pour soup in my lap and i’d probably apologize to you


    gay ppl only want one thing and its SICK.... john mulaney netflix specials


    john mulaney’s wife makes victorian lampshades and andy samberg‘s wife plays the harpsichord so what i’m hearing is that i need to get really good at something that was popular in the 1600s and a cool successful comedian will marry me


    my therapist: that pic of john mulaney that looks like someone photoshopped john mulaney onto brendon urie isn’t real and can’t hurt you that pic of john mulaney that looks like someone photoshopped john mulaney onto brendon urie:


    john mulaney is like if a basket of unseasoned biscuits watched a lot of mr rogers and true crime shows growing up and then did insane amounts of coke


    john mulaney’s dad when his kids were shouting “MCDONALDS! MCDONALDS! MCDONALDS!” and he ordered one black coffee


    I turned the volume all the way up but I think he says “what is John Mulaney?” Which is a good question.