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    Updated on Aug 13, 2020. Posted on Nov 14, 2019

    18 Tweets About "Degrassi" That Prove No Teen Drama Will Ever Compare

    Still not over J.T. Yorke.

    Ahh, Degrassi. For decades, this iconic Canadian TV show has delivered us countless moments of laughter, tears, and teen angst. Here are the some of the funniest tweets about the series:


    that summer where Teen Nick kept replaying that Degrassi promo with “Shark in the Water” in it was the last good summer


    cultural impact: █    █  █  █  _ manny wearing abstinence a thong only on degrassi sex education


    my first emo crush was eli goldsworthy from degrassi he had 8 year old me WHIPPED


    I wish Canada was real and not just something they made up on degrassi


    manny santos was the og good girl gone bad. that thong was the beginning of an ERA


    degrassi really had me going into high school ready to get pregnant and stabbed


    Having to learn second hand that JT from Degrassi died because I didn't have cable at the time was probably one of the most traumatic moments of my childhood


    what Spinner from Degrassi THOUGHT he looked like


    @mekosoff Cheated on Ashley with Manny


    do u ever think about how fuckin dramatic the eli and clare storyline from degrassi was like that shit took u on a damn rollercoaster lol


    The year is 2009, you’re watching Degrassi on TeenNick, commercials come on and you’re singing along to Education Connection word for word, BOOM, your mom comes in the room and you change the channel bc the word “sex” is used too much, she leaves & you hit last.. Life’s great


    74% of Canadians will never forgive Joey Jeremiah for f***ing Tessa Campanelli


    Biggest mistake of Ashley Kerwin's life.


    no one: me in toronto: i wonder if i’ll run into anyone from the degrassi cast :)


    the degrassi christmas episode where craig was exposed for cheating on ashley with manny >>> every episode of mad men


    all Eboys stole their style from Eli in degrassi don’t lie


    Do you ever feel like your life is an episode of Degrassi and every day something ridiculous happens like damn how's he gonna get outta that


    Dear Degrassi, please come back to me.

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