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18 Tweets For Everyone Who Knows Snape From "Harry Potter" Is The Worst

Harry named his son WHAT??!


dumbledore: harry must be safe snape: ok but can i be a dick to him dumbledore: what snape: like, idk, if i wanted to tell him he’s an even bigger pathetic fucken loser than his dead dad i can right lol dumbledore: are u okay


severus snape, dying: harry.............your mom was fine as hell. she was so fucking hot. i wanted to bang the shit out of her but she friendzoned me for your dumbass chad father. *dies* harry: wow. he was a great man after all


@Stephabee_ Hagrid: with Harry until the end, the first person ever to be a friend to him, helped him and his friends in school Snape: torment and hate towards Harry and his friends, was his friend for 2 min Harry: "naming my kid Severus" Hagrid: "am I a joke to u"


Snape: just flick your wand, say "accio," and whatever you desire will come to y– Harry Potter: ACCIO MY PARENTS *two corpses come flying thru the window* Harry: [screaming] Snape: lmao


cultural impact: █    █  █  █  _ regulus betraying snape’s voldemort and entire dying to try and life destroy a horcurx


haven’t been the same since someone called kylo “diet snape” tbh


Severus Snape was an irredeemable scumbag who bullied, demeaned and humiliated innocent kids just because he was Friend Zoned by one of their dead mothers Airport security: I meant anything to declare in your luggage


today’s mood: hermione’s face after she set snape on fire


-taps microphone- Severus Snape was a horrible person. -alarms go off- AND even though he MAY have done some good things -security runs up to the stage- that doesn’t excuse him from being abusive to CHILDREN -is forcefully escorted away- HE TRIED TO POISON NEVILLE’S TOAD


The saddest thing about Snape's death was that Neville never got to work at Hogwarts at the same time as him "Good morning, Severus! Just heading off to my job that I'm good at and gives me purpose and then home to my wife who loves me. You?"


what she says: i'm fine what she means: In Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter tells his son that Snape was the bravest man he ever knew. But in Chapter 3 of Prisoner of Azkaban, he says "Hagrid was one of the bravest people he knew" so why did he never name any of his kids after him?


who remembers when snape called hermione an insufferable know it all and ron told him, “you asked us a question and she knows the answer! why ask if you don't want to be told?" iconic


harry: snape was the bravest man i ever knew remus, sirius, james, hagrid, arthur, neville, ron, mad eye, fred, george, charlie, bill:


snape: gonna wear all black dumbledore: ok snape: gonna be weird all the time dumbledore: ok snape: [twirls around] did u see my severus cape i am so fucken goth- dumbledore: okay shut- [raises wand] shut the fuck up i mean it


hermione granger was only 12 when she set snape on fire.


cant believe harry referred to snape and dumbledore as the “bravest men he ever knew” and then had the audacity to call his son “albus severus” who sold him crack


if only jk rowling didnt hate draco malfoy imagine the confident gay man he could have become after a healthy character redemption arc instead of her using all that time to try to redeem snape, whose only quality was being greasy


I'm trying to imagine how Harry told Hermione and Ron he forgave Snape