17 Tweets About "Home Alone" That Are Really Funny To Read In 2019

    If I was Kevin I would simply enjoy being home alone.

    Home Alone is a wonderful Christmas movie that came out almost 30 years ago.

    As much as I love Home Alone and Home Alone 2 (we don't talk about Home Alone 3, okay?), I have to admit the movies are pretty wild to rewatch in 2019.

    Here are some of the best tweets that capture my modern-day feelings about Home Alone:


    watching Home Alone 2 as a child: WOW yes I LOVE it adults are so STUPID Kevin is a LEGEND watching Home Alone 2 as an adult: Kevin Mccallister is a sociopath and an agent of the state who is excessively passionate about violence and avoids accountability for attempted murder


    I feel like if what had happened to Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone almost 30 years ago happened today in 2019, it wouldn’t be as big of a deal. Like, oh well we forgot our kid, we can just FaceTime him later or some shit...


    In Home Alone, Kevin's family are all fucking terrible and Kevin is a little shit too and their house is too big this is what happens when people have too much money. In this Ted Talk I will discuss how the McCallisters foreshadow the inevitable decline of the USA


    It’s wild that at no point does Kevin McCallister become aware he didn’t make his family disappear, they’re just in Paris


    Isn't it a little irresponsible for the old man in Home Alone not to tell Kevin's parents two armed robbers tried to kill their son?


    as the movie home alone is set in late 1980s chicago, it can be assumed that kevin mccallister sat through detective j.j. bittenbinder’s ‘street smarts’ assemblies at school. therefore, kevin uses the bittenbinder method™️ to throw harry and marv off their rhythm. in this essay


    the biggest fallacy in Home Alone is that the McCallister family lives in the suburbs in a McMansion but 8-year-old Kevin can walk to get groceries.


    I've come to believe that in Home Alone, Kevin is a dead little boy who torments everybody who visits his home.


    The real hero of Home Alone is the commuter railroad era urbanism that allows Kevin to meet his needs (grocery store, pharmacy, park, church) within walking distance


    Adulthood is accepting that you have more in common with the Home Alone pigeon lady than you do with Kevin.


    "Kevin, are you home alone?" "Yes mom" https://t.co/ApCr2yU7In


    You guys following Kevin McCallister's snapchat? This kid has been straight up terrorizing two homeless men all Christmas Eve.


    I get that Kevin’s dad in Home Alone was supposed to be a super rich daytrader, and Catherine O’Hara was in fashion. Hence the North Shore house and 15-person trip to Paris. But what the hell does his Uncle Rob do? Upper West Side mansion, holidays in France. He’s crushing it.


    Suspension of Disbelief: I can believe that 8 year old Kevin McCallister designed, built, and rigged all of the devices in HOME ALONE. I can't believe that he cleaned it all up before his family got back.


    Home Alone: my family left me :( Home Alone 2: oops! Wrong plane :/ Home Alone 3: I'm in possession of a computer chip that renders a missile undetectable by foreign governments and will change international relations as we know it; 4 trained assassins are after me and my pet rat


    every year at Christmas time, when I watch Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, I forget that Trump tells Kevin where the lobby is and I yell “OH COME ON” at the television


    Disney are remaking Home Alone. This is a petition for them to re-cast 38 year old Macauley Culkin as 9 year old Kevin McCallister and have nobody in the film acknowledge it.