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    Updated on Oct 28, 2019. Posted on Oct 26, 2019

    17 Tweets Anyone Who Was Raised Catholic Will Understand

    "May the force be with you." "And also with you."


    catholic school culture is sitting next to ur crush during mass so u can hold their hand during the our father


    i was raised catholic and the main confusion i had was going to confession as an eight year old. i told my priest “i stole a pencil from jimmy last week” and “i didn’t clean my room” like what deep sins was i supposed to say as a second grader???


    My parents waking me up for 8am mass even after I begged we go at literally any other time so I can sleep:


    I was raised Catholic, which means I was born cancelled and my life has been a series of tearful YouTube apology videos.


    My mother texting me: Don’t forget today is Friday! No meat today because of Lent. Me, eating a piece of bacon: K


    As a Catholic I was raised to be so private about romance that I’m not even sure if my parents are dating


    my favorite part about being raised catholic is all the cool rosaries i have. and the constant, inescapable guilt


    I've said this before, but you know you grew up Catholic when someone says, "May the Force be with you," and you have to actively suppress the urge to reply, "And also with you."


    Every Good Friday as someone who was raised Catholic but is no longer practicing


    Having tons of these all over the house #GrowingUpCatholic


    My brother reminded me that when we were growing up, because we were raised v Catholic and couldn’t take the Lord’s name in vain, we didn’t say “Godzilla” and instead, called it Goshzilla.


    Any other CCD kids used to just break the catholic school kids shit in their desk all the time for zero reason?


    catholic school culture is being bored and unimpressed when a saint's biography concludes with "they died peacefully of old age"


    things r going rly well for me lately but i was raised catholic so still constantly waiting for some unspeakable dread right around the corner


    Shoutout to everyone who identifies religiously as “I was raised Catholic”


    Feeling left out those first 9 years when you couldn't receive communion #GrowingUpCatholic


    Saying "Thanks be to God" with real meaning when the priest says "The mass is ended, go in peace" #growingupcatholic

    In conclusion:


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