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    17 Of The Absolute Worst TV Boyfriends Of All Time

    "Nate Jacobs is the trash beneath a raccoon's foot."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what TV boyfriends they absolutely cannot stand and they had some opinions:

    1. Dean Forester, Gilmore Girls

    The WB

    "Everyone on the show always fawned over what a 'nice guy' he was, but he constantly pouted, flew into jealous rages, and made Rory feel shitty just for being good at things or having friends. Not to mention, he cheated on his wife who was desperately trying to save their marriage."


    2. Mr. Big, Sex and the City


    "He's seriously one of the WORST boyfriends in TV history. He was selfish, manipulative, and toxic, and yet everyone romanticized him."


    3. Ross Geller, Friends


    "ROSS. FREAKING. GELLER. He was okay at the start, but then he got so controlling and jealous of Rachel. Then he slept with someone else and blamed it on her?! He was just the worst!"


    4. Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

    The CW

    "He made Elena a worse person and it drives me nuts how people always brush over what he did to Caroline in the first season. He and Elena may have had chemistry, but she deserved so much better."


    5. Michael Kelso, That '70s Show


    "Although Jackie was far from the perfect girlfriend, he still cheated on her and constantly disrespected her."


    6. Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill

    The WB

    "He could never decide what he wanted. Brooke always deserved better and I’m so glad she got it with Julian."


    7. Logan Huntzberger, Gilmore Girls

    The WB

    "All of Rory’s boyfriends had their shortcomings, but I hated Logan so much. He was an entitled, rich brat who talked down to everyone he met. He broke up with Rory when she told him she was too young to get married and then in the revival, he cheated on his fiancé with her."


    8. Luca Hall, Grown-ish


    "The guy was just incredibly selfish and annoying in his relationship with Zoey."


    9. Blaine Anderson, Glee


    "I used to think he was great, but then I realized how much of his behavior was controlling and borderline abusive. All of his toxic, manipulative actions were never addressed and I just can’t stand him anymore."


    10. Derek Shepherd, Grey's Anatomy


    "Everyone loved him, but he cheated on every girl he dated and was manipulative. He wasn’t a good boyfriend/husband at all."


    11. Riley Finn, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The WB

    "Just ugh! He was such a jerk when Buffy's mom was ill and then he came back just to rub his marriage in Buffy's face. Just the worst."


    12. Eric Forman, That '70s Show


    "Everyone says Kelso was a terrible boyfriend (and he was), but Eric was emotionally immature, insecure, and jealous. After Donna stayed behind from college to marry him, HE left HER at the altar?!"


    13. Owen Hunt, Grey's Anatomy


    "He was awful to all of his girlfriends and constantly manipulated everyone."


    14. Nate Jacobs, Euphoria


    "Nate Jacobs is the trash beneath a raccoon's foot."


    15. Toby Damon, This Is Us


    "I absolutely can't stand his character. He's annoying and honestly kind of a bully."


    16. Mutt Schitt, Schitt's Creek


    "He was a terrible boyfriend to every single woman he dated. Frankly, I didn't even care when he left. The only redeeming quality he had was that he was hot."


    17. And Joe Goldberg, You


    "I mean, Joe Goldberg really should be the only answer here."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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