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17 Dog Posts To Get You Through This Long January Week

SO. MANY. Good. Bois.

Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

1. These VERY good bois!!!

2. This pup had some fun in the mud!!!!!

u/vinkulelu / Via

3. This dog was READY 💪 to break 💪💪 a SWEAT!

Meet Tesla. She just started a new job this week as a CrossFit Instructor.

4. He SOUP!!!!!!

5. This mama-to-be embraced her beauty!!!

my dog is pregnant and she’s so fucking Round i’m losing it

6. This brave pup was not afraid of ANYthing!!!!!!

Y’all ever see a dog get this excited to see the vet

7. He TAP!!!!!!!!!

This is Ender. He gets the tippy taps anytime he sees his favourite food (enderbear / IG)

8. He said, "No share!!!"

When you don’t wanna share your blanket... (the_golden_lou / IG)

9. One word: TONGUE!!!!

10. This pupper got to snuggle up with his hero!!!!!

Today's adorable puppy is a #GoldenRetriever. He wants to be a police dog just like his father, who he is cuddling with.

11. This dog rightfully wanted ALL the attention!!!

I met a vv smol baby today and I want to show you all how cheated my dog feels on the side hahaaa

12. This pug had the right idea and cozied up on a cold day!!!

u/dbuck / Via

13. CARRY HIM!!!!!!!

When your dog decides the walk is over

14. This good student was ready to learn!!!

Heading back to school after winter break. 🎥: #mydogiscutest

15. They fancy!!!!!!!

Happy Wednesday friends! This is our first time wearing bow ties, how do we look? 🥰💙🐨💙#daisyandrosie #WednesdayVibes #rescuedogs #dogsoftwitter #muttsoftwitter @dogcelebration #dogsarefamily #AdoptDontShop 🐶🐶

16. This doggo discovered his shadow!!!!!!

I won't stop until you stop first ... !! 🐶😅⠀ 🖨️ love_animalsgram Ig

17. And last but not least, pls tell this good boi how he's a GOOD BOI!!!!

Please tell him that he's doing a good job.

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