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    16 "Gossip Girl" Moments That Seriously Don't Hold Up In 2019

    Remember when Nate had an affair with Duchess Catherine, a married woman in her 30s?!

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what problematic Gossip Girl moment they couldn't stand rewatching in 2019. Here are some of their responses.

    Note: Some of these submissions include topics of sexual assault.

    1. When Dan tried to out Jenny's boyfriend on Gossip Girl.

    The CW

    "It wasn't his place to throw a teenager out of the closet like that and I'm sure that storyline wouldn’t go over well if it aired today."


    2. When Dan dated his high school teacher.

    The CW

    "We were supposed to feel sorry for Ms. Carr because Blair was mean to her, but she dated a student and thought that was okay! It was gross."


    3. When the parents were never around.

    The CW

    "The parents were too busy cheating with each other, covering up murders, and faking their deaths to actually look after their children and discipline them."


    4. When Chuck tried to sexually assault Jenny and Serena in the pilot.

    The CW

    "It seemed like the writers wrote that storyline and then decided that was too much if they wanted Chuck to be an even remotely likable character. Everyone just kind of forgave him and pretended like it never happened."


    "Just Chuck in general as a character was problematic. There were never any consequences for him trying to rape somebody in the first episode. The show pretended as if it didn't happen or wasn't important enough to bring up."


    5. When Jenny tricked Vanessa into wearing a see-through dress.

    The CW

    "Jenny exposed Vanessa's body to everyone just because Nate liked her?? Everyone forgets about this, but it was so messed up! To be honest, the whole show did Vanessa dirty from start to finish."


    6. When Blair and Chuck actually had a really toxic relationship.

    The CW

    "There was a wonderful moment of growth when Blair told Chuck that she was done trying to make him jealous, that the next person she was going to kiss was going to be purely for herself, but then she just went back to Chuck...the relationship was just toxic AF."


    7. When Jenny and Chuck slept together.

    The CW

    "The fact that Jenny lost her virginity to the man who tried to rape her two years earlier was terrible."


    8. When everyone dated adults while they were in high school.

    The CW

    "Multiple characters repeatedly dated adults while they were teenagers (Serena, Nate, Dan) and it was just seen as normal?!"


    9. When Chuck traded Blair for a hotel.

    The CW

    "Let's not forget that Chuck literally SOLD Blair to his creepy uncle for the night in exchange for his hotel."


    10. When Serena made a revenge sex tape with Dan.

    The CW

    "Serena literally filmed her and Dan having sex just to get back at Blair?!"


    11. When Rufus dated Ivy.

    The CW

    "He originally thought she was his NIECE. Also she dated his son?!?! The age difference only scratches the surface of how problematic this whole relationship was."


    12. When the entire Serena, Ben, and Juliet storyline got WAY out of hand.

    The CW

    "That whole storyline about Serena and her teacher almost hooking up, him getting sent to prison, and then his sister taking revenge on her by kidnapping her and drugging her...did I just dream that?!"


    13. When everyone could just do whatever they wanted without any supervision whatsoever.

    The CW

    "It was weird that they all just did whatever they wanted 24/7. Like, 'oh she just went to Paris for the summer, totally unsupervised, NBD.' What?!"


    14. When all the high schoolers casually hung out at bars and nobody ever ID'ed them.

    The CW

    "Everyone just hung out at clubs in high school, and then Chuck even bought a burlesque club when he was only 18."


    15. When Nate dated Sage knowing she was a minor.

    The CW

    "Nate went out with Sage when she was 17 and he was in his 20's and that was apparently fine?!"


    16. And finally, when Dan was revealed to be Gossip Girl.

    The CW

    "Seriously, it didn't make sense. If he really cared about his family and Serena, then he wouldn’t have put them through all of that trauma! It totally sucked and ruined the last season for me."


    Note: submissions have been edited for length or clarity.