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16 Times Dean Forester Was The Worst Boyfriend On "Gilmore Girls"

#TeamJess forever.

Let's be honest: All of Rory's boyfriends had their flaws (and so did Rory). But whether you're Team Jess or Team Logan, I think we can all agree on one thing: Dean totally sucks.

I know he was just a teenager and all, but he was also supposed to be "the perfect first boyfriend." And he was really just AWFUL. Here are some of his worst moments:

1. First, when he guilted Rory for focusing on her schoolwork instead of him:

2. When he was jealous of Tristan and Rory playing Romeo and Juliet for their English class assignment, so he literally sat in on every rehearsal:

3. When he walked in on Rory having dinner with Jess and Paris and completely lost his shit:

4. When he broke up with Rory for not being ready to say "I love you" on their three-month anniversary:

5. When Rory told him she'd broken her arm while she was out with Jess and he literally kicked a duffel bag over in anger:

6. When he couldn't understand why The Donna Reed Show was sexist...

7. ...or how Rory could possibly have her own opinions:

8. When Rory was busy and not answering her phone, so he called her 14 TIMES in one evening:

9. When Rory went on a picnic with Jess and he acted like it was the absolute end of the world:

10. When Rory told him she wanted to spend the night alone and he just came over anyway:

11. When Rory asked him to the school dance and he acted like he was too cool for it:

12. When he ambushed Rory about their future immediately after her big Harvard meeting:

13. When he broke up with Rory in front of everyone in the middle of the dance marathon (his reasoning wasn't wrong, but still — in front of everyone?!):

14. When Rory tried to apologize to him for how their relationship ended and he was just kind of a jerk about it:

15. And finally, when he cheated on his wife with Rory (TBH, they were both trash for this)...

16. ...and was the absolute worst husband to Lindsay:

In conclusion: