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    15 Tweets For Everyone Who's Ever Crossed Paths With A Scorpio

    A moment of silence for anyone dating a Scorpio.


    Scorpio: i am Mysterious. i am Untouchable. i want people to think i could kill them and feel nothing. no one knows me. every intimate detail about me is password protected also scorpio: why does everyone think we’re so dark and edgy we’re sweethearts i’m baby



    i was on a date once and this girl asked me my sign and i said scorpio and she left


    Scorpios after midnight: *paragraph long texts about things no one asked or cares about* Scorpios during the day: "K"


    Every time a Scorpio overreacts to something and burns a bridge they gain 10 life points


    scorpios: yay scorpio season!! everyone else:


    this is what i’d imagine having a scorpio boyfriend would be like


    listen...valentines day is a scam invented by scorpios so people would have sex and make more scorpios


    Just realized that every personal hero I have ever had or admired has Scorpio placements. Shocked and appalled.


    if you’re dating a Scorpio then you’re single to me, what are they gonna do? okay really though what are they gonna do? why haven’t they reacted yet? what are they gonna do???


    dating a scorpio/virgo be like;


    scorpio placements will talk in morse code and pig latin simultaneously then redact every other word and still have the audacity to be like “omg i hope no one understood that...hope i didn’t give too much away...kinda overshared aha”


    Support group for women tryna fuck Scorpio men, this is the thread


    another girl from my due date group is only 31 weeks and is desperately trying to put herself into labor by NEXT WEEK because she and her boyfriend are both scorpios so they HAVE to have a scorpio baby... i’m removing myself from this damn group


    I did something wacky the other day and just said “sorry I’m a Scorpio” and people accepted it even though I’m not

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