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    15 Times Emily Gilmore Was The Best Character On "Gilmore Girls"

    "Well, then buy me a boa and drive me to Reno, because I am OPEN FOR BUSINESS!"

    Rory and Lorelai may have been the main focus of Gilmore Girls, but the real queen, in my opinion, is none other than Emily Gilmore. Here are some of her best moments:

    1. First, when she casually dragged Lorelai's whole existence at the dinner table.

    2. When she had no time for men's nonsense.

    3. When she reassured Rory that she never thought of her as a mistake.

    4. When she gave absolutely NO fucks.

    5. When she took her mother-in-law down.

    6. When she wasn't afraid to be honest.

    7. When she actually shared a really sweet moment with Lorelai.

    8. When she spoke her truth.

    9. When she Marie Kondo'd her life.

    10. When she told her husband he wasn't allowed to die before her.

    11. When she put her reservations aside and went to a bar with Lorelai.

    12. When she didn't waste any time.

    13. When she teared up at Lorelai's business school graduation.

    14. When she delivered this especially brutal burn.

    15. And finally, when she quit the DAR in the most iconic way.

    All hail the queen!!!