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    15 Examples Of LGBT Characters On Kids' Shows, Because Sometimes TV Does Good Things

    "They're absolutely a gay couple and we're proud of that."

    1. Mr. Ratburn, Arthur


    Mr. Ratburn came out as gay in the Season 22 premiere, "Mr. Ratburn's Special Someone," when he married the love of his life, Patrick. Yes, the show is still on the air!

    2. Susan and Cheryl, Good Luck Charlie


    Disney Channel actually introduced its first same-sex couple in 2014. They only appeared in one episode, but their appearance still made headlines — Miley Cyrus even tweeted her support.

    3. Ruby and Sapphire, Steven Universe

    Cartoon Network

    This cartoon made history in 2018 with its lesbian wedding between Ruby and Sapphire. The series also won a GLADD Award this year, the first animated show to do so, for its portrayal of gender identity and sexuality.

    4. Rachel Bighead, Rocko's Modern Life


    In the 2019 reboot special Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling, which took place 20 years after the original series, Rachel came out to Rocko and the gang as a trans woman. Audiences also learned that she became the owner of an awesome ice cream truck business.

    5. Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


    The show introduced a lesbian couple this past summer as character Scootaloo's care-takers. Bonus, this pony ship debuted during pride month.

    6. Cyrus Goodman, Andi Mack


    Cyrus became the first main Disney Channel character to explicitly come out as gay in 2017. The series finale this summer concluded with him and his long-time crush, T.J., holding hands. #TyrusForever.

    7. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, Adventure Time

    Cartoon Network

    After much speculation, the fan favorite ship finally kissed in the series finale in 2018. It was also confirmed that the two had a past relationship off-screen. Fun fact: Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar started off as a writer and storyboard artist on this show.

    8. Harold and Howard McBride, The Loud House


    The show featured an interracial gay couple in the 2016 episode “Overnight Success." It was the first depiction of a married gay couple on Nickelodeon, airing just a year after same-sex marriage was legalized in all 50 U.S. states.

    9. Asami Sato and Korra, The Legend of Korra


    This sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender concluded with the two heroines sharing an intimate gaze and locking hands. The writers confirmed the romance and it was implied that both girls are bisexual.

    10. Milo, Danger & Eggs


    Lead characters D.D. and Phillip formed a band with a kid named Milo, who happened to go by they/them pronouns. Milo was voiced by model Tyler Ford, who is agender in real life. The Emmy Award-winning animated series also featured trans, gay, and lesbian characters.

    11. Flix and Okra, Star Wars Resistance


    After much speculation, the show's producers confirmed just this month that the two main male characters are in fact in a happy relationship! "They’re absolutely a gay couple and we’re proud of that,” Executive Producer Brandon Auman said.

    12. Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland, Gravity Falls


    This ship finally appeared to be canon in the 2016 series finale when the two business partners lovingly embraced each other and proclaimed, "We're mad with power...and love!"

    13. EJ and Sue Randell, Clarence

    Cartoon Network

    Another Cartoon Network example, the show featured a lesbian couple as the parents of Clarence's best friend, Jeff. Also, EJ was voiced by Lea Delaria from Orange is the New Black.

    14. Josh, The Lodge


    In a 2017 episode of the Disney U.K. series, Josh told his friend, “Girls aren’t really my type. I mean, I love them as friends obviously, but…” While he didn't specifically use the word gay, many considered it to be the first coming out scene on a Disney series.

    15. Jackie Lynn Thomas, Star vs. The Forces of Evil


    The character dated both boys and girls on the show. Fans have also widely speculated that the show's lead, Star, is bisexual as well.