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Those Lustful And Powerful Ninjas In Naruto Online

There are four lechers in Naruto and three of them are very powerful ninjas!

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In the eyes of others, Jiraiya is one of the reliable and respectable “legendary Sennin”. He may only shows his lecherous side to people close to him so Naruto gave him the nickname “Pervy Sage”. In fact, Jiraiya is really lecherous and his first serious injury was caused by Tsunade because he was peeping at women’s bathroom. When he was young, he started to develop different Ninjutsu, such as the Perspective, to help him peep at others.

The Third Hokage:

He is Jiraiya’s teacher. I think he has portrayed a lustful old man from the beginning and he is also the first one that was defeated by Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu. After the Third Hokage saw the Sexy Jutsu, his nosebleed just squirted out and he lost his consciousness. So Naruto stole the scroll of Forbidden Jutsu sealed by the First Hokage. After that, when the Third Hokage saw Sexy Jutsu again through the crystal ball, he said with no confidence, “it won’t work for me… probably.” When hearing that Jiraiya used Perspective to peep at others, as his teacher, the Third Hokage even wanted to join him next time.


Judging from his appearance, Kakashi is a very handsome man and his mask always gives people a sense of mystery in Naruto games online. But in his pocket, there is always an erotic book called Icha Icha Paradise, written by Jiraiya. From the decryption of the code left by Jiraiya before he died, we can know that the book is indeed a porn.


He barely withstood Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu but failed in Harem Jutsu. But Ebisu seems to be the weakest among these four people and he was even rescued by Konohamaru when Pain invaded Konoha.



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