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The Mysterious Owner Of Ramen Ichiraku

2016 was a great year for online games and Naruto fans, 2016 was the year Naruto Online was launched and my friend and I are all playing it. I have never been a fan of the anime but loved the game at first try, now, after two weeks, I have just finished the classic series and the plot is really charming and interesting.

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It is my personal opinion that Naruto portraits a very realistic animation that several times showed the cruelty of Naruto’s world. There are so many powerful ninjas with interesting backstories but none of those characters is more mysterious or interesting than Ramen Ichiraku’s owner.

Check a few examples on how powerful uncle is!

1.From beginning to end of anime, Teuchi, ramen’s owner, did not spill a drop of blood, got injured and compared to all other characters, seem indestructible.

2.Although Teuchi’s exposition is small, he is always show as a smart reliable character.

3.Naruto was at first a castaway but even at that moment Teuchi befriended him and let him eat free at his restaurant, obviously the Ichiraku’s owner knew about Naruto’s real potential.

4.Seven generations of Konohagakure’s mightiest enjoyed the delicious food of Ichiraku Ramen. It is clear that some sort of magic happened inside the Ramen sold. How is it possible so much love for one restaurant?

5.Both Teuchi and his daughter saw Kakashi’s true face, and this is LEGEN…DARY!

The real identity of Teuchi has always been a big mystery, but you can visit yourself his restaurant at Naruto Online!

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