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Symbolic Ninjutsu Of The Rookie Ninja

I am a loyal naruto fan and have played many naruto games because of my enthusiasm towards this anime, and I love Naruto OL among them.

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I believe that I can collect many of my favorite ninjas in the game, then combine many kinds of formations based on their skills.

“Konoha 12”is actually the given name to the new generation of twelve ninjas from Konoha, the Land of Fire. And the formations that they could come up with are incredible.

Naruto Uzumaki : Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu

This was already used by Naruto in the first chapter, and even in the later battles, this ninjutsu was basically can only be used by Naruto as it consumed huge amount of Chakra.

Sakura Haruno : Mitotic Regeneration the Hundred Healings

Actually Sakura’s signature is her extraordinary strength, but strictly saying it is not considered as ninjutsu, and later on she learned Mitotic Regeneration the Hundred Healings from Tsunade. This jutsu can increase taijutsu and her strength, and thus Sakura’s extraordinary strength became more powerful.

Hinata Hyuga: Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists

Hinata knows how to use ninjutsu and so does Neji. Until Konoha was attacked by Pain, and to save Naruto game, she used Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists

Kiba Inuzuka : Fang over Fang

Unique skill combination between Kiba and Akamaru with high speed spin creating whirlwind to attack the enemy, which is really powerful!

Shino Aburame: Insect

Shino Aburame’s signature is insects, he can use insects to create many kinds of jutsu.

Neji Hyuga: 8 Trigrams Palm Rotation

Neji is the first to become Jonin among these people, he is powerful. Though he was born from a divided family, but through his talents he mastered Palm Rotation by himself.

Rock Lee: Primary Lotus

I love Lee, as the first time he uses Primary Lotus, it was already astonishing at its first entrance!

Tenten: Double Dragon

Tenten could use special weapon sealing and summoning jutsu, she has high proficiency in using many kinds of ninja tools, often brings along scrolls to seal lots of ninja tools.

Ino Yamanaka : Mind Transmission Jutsu

Heritage jutsu by Ino’s family, which requires someone to protect her when using it.

Choji Akimichi: Expansion Jutsu

Heritage jutsu by Choji’s family, which can expand the whole body or part of the body larger.

Shikamaru Nara: Shadow Possession Jutsu

It is also family heritage jutsu, which is often used by Shikamaru.

Sasuke Uchiha: Chidori

It was learned under Kakashi’s guidance and used for the first time to fight Gaara.

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