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Story Of Jiraiya Life The Hero Of Naruto Plot Height

I played tons of MMORPG games this year, probably dozens. The best one is Naruto Online. It has many game modes and has beautiful graphics. As an anime fan and lover of games, I support this game.

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I’ve always treated Jiraiya’s story as Masashi Kishimoto’s greatest achievement.

I still believe that the “Child of Prophesy” chapter is the last climax of Naruto.

I still treat Jiraiaya as my favorite character in all Naruto games.

“The frog that sits in a well is buried under the sea. This ending is not bad and concludes the story of Jiraiya. What should the new story be called? Oh, right, it should be called Naruto…”

He said he hasn’t achieved anything over his life, but I think that he’s lived a magnificent life: three generations of masters and disciples, one of the Sannin, a Konoha Sennin, challenges the Six Paths alone, firmly sacrifices himself. We’ve also seen three generations of his disciples, the fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze, Nagato, Yahiko, Konan, and Naruto. The story of Jiraiya is in my heart the most magnificent chapter in this anime.

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