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Naruto Online: The Hard Truth About Kakashi

I like the Naruto anime and have found many Naruto games online, but what disappoints me to no end is that most games only use the Naruto theme in name only. The game Naruto Online is different. It’s beautifully crafted in terms of graphics and has many game modes. But most all, its characters, scenes, and plots reflect the original works to an astounding degree. In all of the cards, I like Kakashi the best because he is my favorite character in the anime!

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But, as the anime plot draws to an end, I’ve discovered how tragic Kakashi really is. He’s actually not as elegant as I thought. He has not lived for himself after the events that occurred when he was thirteen. It’s possible that the real Kakashi is already dead!

In the entire anime, Kakashi has never talked about his dreams or plans, and his battle tactics have not deviated from Obito’s Sharingan. Everything that he has done were all for Obito, so that Obito could see the the future world. He inherits and imparts Obito’s belief that companionship is more important than rules. Apart from this, he is also a ninja, does his missions and teaches students. The only time that he does something for himself is taking Shikamaru and the rest to avenge Asuma’s death.

Everybody in Naruto game has his or her own aspirations and goals, but I don’t know what Kakashi wants. He doesn’t seem too interested in becoming the Hokage. Neither is he wicked like Orochimaru. He’s always listening to the needs of Konoha and accepting every kind of demand. From this point of view, he is indeed more like a “tool”.

I liked Kakashi more when he was little. He changed a lot after going through Obito and Jin’s death. I think, after those events, his only will to live was to pass on the Sharingan and the belief of companionship. He uses his friend’s gift to look into the future and uses his friend’s will to educate Konoha’s youths. They eventually become Kakashi’s entire life’s meaning.

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