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Naruto Online Shippuden Sasuke

Sasuke [Shippuden] is the upgraded version of Sasuke. Sasuke becomes Sasuke [Seal] when he goes from 1-star to 2-star. From 2-star to 3-star, he becomes Sasuke [Shippuden].

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Every upgrade, Naruto’s image and skills change. What’s special about Sasuke [Shippuden] is that he can activate the Kirin barrier. Triggering this barrier can cause great ninjutsu damage to the enemy.

Sasuke [Shippuden] Ninja Skill Intro online Naruto game

[Mystery Skill] Lightning Style Kirin: Activating the barrier will cause the attack and ninjutsu of all lightning attribute ninjas to increase by 40%. Reusing within the barrier will cause ninjutsu damage to up to 4 enemy units and knockdown to the selected enemy units.

[Standard Attack Skill] Chidori: Attack the front enemy and maybe trigger triple combo and low float.

[Passive Skill 1] Fire Style Dragon Fire: Chase and attack the low floated enemy and cause repulsion.

[Passive Skill 2] Chidori Sharp Spear: Chase and attack the high floated enemy and cause low flow and a 10-hit combo and paralysis.

[Chase and Attack] Fire Style Great Dragon Fire: Release with at least a 10-hit combo. Cause ignition to 2 random enemy units.

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