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Naruto And Hinata’s Wedding—It’s A Pity These Five People Were Absent

Unlike most people, I learned about the “Naruto”through the Naruto Games. When I was playing Naruto Online, I collected a lot of ninja. They have their own special Attributes, Skills and can be matched into different Lineups, which spiked my interest in “Naruto”, so now I am watching the anime.

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1. Confidant: Sasuke

As saviors of the ninja world, Naruto and Hinata received lots of blessing from everywhere. The four Kages personally attend their wedding. But Sasuke misses the wedding because he was carrying out important missions. As Naruto’s best friend, it’s regrettable that he could not be there.

2. Father: The Fourth Hokage

Over ten years ago, in order to protect Naruto and Konoha, the Fourth Hokage became the hero of Konoha by sacrificing his life to seal Nine Tails. Many years later, Naruto also becomes a hero of Konoha. Everybody came to bless him on his wedding day, but the Fourth Hokage, Naruto’father, does not have this opportunity.

3. Mother: Kushina Uzumaki

On the day of Naruto’s birth, Obito seized the chance to attack Konoha by surprise and summoned Nine Tails. The Uzumaki couple sacrificed themselves to save Konoha. As a mother, how much would Kushina have liked to watch Naruto grow up and to love him as a mother, but regrettably, she did not have a chance.

4. Neji Hyuga

In the Fourth Ninja War, Neji saves Naruto and Hinata by using his own body to block an attack from Obito. That spelled the end of the genius of the Hyuga clan. He was merely 18 years old. It’s truly a pity he could not attend Naruto and Hinata’s wedding.

5. Jiraiya

Jiraiya is probably the most influential person on games online Naruto, since he was responsible for having taught Naruto the Summon Jutsu and the Rasengan. Meanwhile, Jiraiya also inculcated in Naruto the way of the ninja and the true meaning of “peace”. As for Naruto, Jiraiya is not only a teacher, but also family because of the warmth and care he had provided in their relationship. It would have been nice if Jiraiya had been victorious in his struggle with Pain, since then he would have been able to attend Naruto’s wedding and to see Naruto become a father and finally the Hokage…

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