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Do You Know The Answers To Naruto’s Few Unsolved Mysteries?

Naruto OL is the most fun game I have played in this year, and have been playing this game for such a long time. As a loyal Naruto fan, it is so enjoyable to be able to play original game with this kind of theme. People who play this game mostly anime fans, and everyone has common topics to talk about.

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From Naruto anime, many of the storyline raises questions for all. At first, I thought it was the suspense left by the author which maybe will emerge in the next plot. Unexpectedly, there is no answer to it in the end. Let me show you some example!

There is such embarrassing details in the storyline. Maybe at that time the author Masashi Kishimoto had a lot of ideas and arrangement, but then it was forgotten never resolved, and nothing was publicized in the end.

Sasuke raised his hand

At the beginning of the Shippuden, when Naruto met Sasuke at the first time was at the base of Orochimaru. Sasuke wanted to kill Naruto at that time, so he unbound a seal, raised his left hand and it seems like the gesture of some jutsu. But Orochimaru stopped sasuke not to use that jutsu. This jutsu was still unexplained to the end.

Jutsu given by the First Hokage in Naruto game

In the fourth Great Ninja War,when confronting undefeatable Madara, First Hokage had given Sasuke a jutsu once. This jutsu could create effect to the Senjutsu Chakra in Madara’s body. Sasuke accepted it but was stabbed by Madara… when Sasuke was saved by Kabuto, he already obtained the power given by the Six Paths. What Jutsu was given by the First Hokage at that time?

Tenten’s sealing Ninja tools

Five ninja tools attained by the Kinkaku and Ginkaku brothers are actually mythical weapon given by Sage of Six Paths. After Kinkaku and Ginkaku Brothers are sealed, Tenten obtained some of them. If the ninja tools are so powerful, then there should be stories about Tenten and these ninja tools in the later part, strangely they are never mentioned anymore.

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