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The Expectations Vs. Reality Of A Bachelorette Party

Who's ready to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a night you won't remember?

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Expectation: The Bride Wants a Week Long Bachelorette Party.

Reality: No One Has The Time Or Money For That Nonsense.

Expectation: You Invite All Your Girlfriends Thinking The More The Merrier.

Reality: Your Best Friends Will Have A Great Time, The Rest Will Act Like Dicks.

Expectation: Everyone Will Be There To Celebrate The Bride.

Reality: Some People Should Have Just Stayed Home.

Expectation: One Of Your Friends Will Make Sure No One Acts a Fool or Loses an Iphone.

Reality: You Will Turn On Any Friend Trying To Save You From Yourself.

Expectation: Everyone Will Drink, Dance and Get Crazy.

Reality: Some Girls Will Refuse to Drink, Dance and Get Crazy.

Expectation: Your Single Friends Will Be the Life of the Party.

Reality: Your Single Friends Will Definately Be the Life of the Party.

Expectation: Everyone Will Party Like It's 1999.

Reality: Some People Don't Appreciate What It Means to Party Like It's 1999.

Expectation: You Will Wake Up The Next Morning Feeling Like Regret.

Reality: You Will Wake Up the Next Morning Drunk and Triumphant.

Expectation: The Night Will Bring You All Closer Together.

Reality: You Will Find Out Who Your Real Friends Are.

Expectation: You Will All Wake Up For Brunch The Next Morning.

Reality: There Will Be No Brunch.

Expectation: It Will Be A Night You Will Never Forget.

Reality: It Will Be A Night You Won't Remember. Until You Check Your Bank Account.

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