The Only Drinking Game You’ll Need For The 2014 Tony Awards

When Hugh Jackman tap dances, drink ten drinks.

1. GATHER ROUND THEATER LOVERS, IT’S TONY AWARDS TIME! So pour yourself a stiff one, grab a bottle of wine and a 12 Pack of beer and get ready for the 2014 Tony Awards Drinking Game!

Step 1: Find A Friend With Cable.

2. Try not to spill your drink as you jump up and down during the opening number.

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Anyone who spills a drink pounds a beer.

3. For every jazz hand, take three sips.

4. Whenever anyone makes a joke about unemployment, drink from the bottle.

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5. Whenever a Broadway Legend strikes a pose, strike the same pose.

Last person to pose takes a shot!

6. Whenever Sutton makes a face, drink for three Seconds.

7. When Audra does something badass, yell “BOOM, AUDRA!” and sip your drink.

CBS / Via

8. Form a kick line for every dance reference.

Then take a sip of your neighbor’s drink.

9. When a Kennan-Bolger does something adorable, harmonize your beers.

CBS / Via

10. Whenever Shakespeare is mentioned, ask your neighbor “WHAT IS YOUR PARENTAGE?!”

CBS / Via

Whoever can’t respond with their favorite Shakespeare line takes a shot.

11. For every fuete do five sit-ups.

Then drink water.

12. Whisper “It’s The Eye Of The Tiger” for every Rocky reference and take a drink.

13. For every Adele Dazeem joke, sing “Let It Go!”

And finish your drink.

14. For every television and film joke…

CBS / Via

15. Say A Prayer and salute Dionysus.

CBS / Via

16. And just drink.

CBS / Via

17. Every time a celebrity does something ridiculous, shotgun a beer.

18. Whenever anyone calls the theater their home, whisper your debt Into your neighbor’s ear and sip your vodka soda.

CBS / Via

19. For every close-up of Liza Minelli, take a shot.

20. Whenever the American Theatre Wing is mentioned, thank them and WATERFALL! YOU’RE AN ENSEMBLE!

CBS / Via

21. Anytime anyone marches in place or waves a red flag, take three sips.

CBS / Via

22. Anytime someone cries, toast them and finish your drink.

23. Take a selfie every time someone takes a selfie.

ABC / Via

Then pour yourself a glass of wine. #TonyDrinkingGame

24. Anytime glitter or confetti happens, yell “YAAAS!”

CBS / Via

And sip your drink.

25. When stuff gets real…

CBS / Via

26. And they reference your youth…

CBS / Via

27. Or remind you why you got into the theatre…

CBS / Via

28. Wipe your tears.

CBS / Via

29. Group hug and then toast: “TO THE THEATRE!”

CBS / Via


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