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This Woman Took Selfies With Hipsters While Running The Brooklyn Half Marathon

Why did the hipster cross the road? To get to the finish line...first.

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1. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you #HipstersOfTheBrooklynHalf. / Via

Just a hipster king and his hipster queen.

2. 2 For 1: A hottie and a hipster living in harmony. / Via

It's the circle of life.

3. Don't hate the hipster, hate the game. / Via

Dat hat though.

4. That fro, fro, fro, fro, fro.

@KellyKKRoberts / Via

5. Run like the wind, hipster.

@KellyKKRoberts / Via

Gone with the wind fabulous.

6. It's a hipster conga line.

@KellyKKRoberts / Via

Beards, glasses, and neon, oh my.

7. Panda-licious hipster.

@KellyKKRoberts / Via

The smirk says it all.


9. Undercover hipster. / Via

He may not look like a hipster, but you should see this CEO's Brooklyn Half Playlist...

10. Goin' for the gold hipster. / Via


11. Not a hipster, just a hunka-hunka-burning love. / Via

Nice beanie.

12. Hipster wisdom shades. / Via

Blinded by the light.

.1 Hairy hipster, hear him roar. / Via

Sun's out, guns out.

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