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    20 Things You Only Understand If You Go To Orangetheory Fitness

    12 splat points or GTFO

    1. When all the classes are booked for the week and you just look at yourself like...

    2. When you show up early and see the people from the class before come out looking like death

    3. When you try to cancel but can't because it's less than 12 hours

    4. "Tornado Day!"

    5. When you show up late and you're asked to start in the weight room.

    6. When your instructor tells you to go from your warm up to your base pace

    7. When the trainer says "90 second sprint!" and you look down at your treadmill and it says "8 mins 17 seconds"

    8. When you're slacking off the trainer comes up behind you

    9. When you're told to do an all out and you get too ambitious.

    10. When the old lady of the group is using heavier weights than you.

    11. When your trainer takes away your weights and replaces them with heavier ones

    12. You on the row machine

    13. "We are going to throw in some burpees..."

    14. When you make eye contact with yourself in the weight room and think about how #swole you're getting

    15. When you're told you finished your last block and your trainer says "looks like we have time left over to do some abs"

    16. And then it is finally over

    17. And you look at the OTF screen and see your splat points and calories burned

    18. And you think about all the food you can eat because of all those calories that you burned.

    19. And you realize "that wasn't so bad"

    20. And you feel freaking fabulous all day long

    21. And then later when the soreness sets in...

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