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    • kellyk28

      On face value, for those who have actually taken the time to read the legal complaint, there are far too many redacted sections regarding the buy out agreement the Church had with the plaintiff to know if there is any validity to the complaint. As for trying to tie in two privately owned companies, and make it the Church’s responsibility to monitor their actions, that’s just silly. The LDS Church has not control or responsibility for any company it does not own. Tying those two to the Church, however, demonstrates the desire to go after deep pockets because the plaintiff surely recognizes there is little money to be had otherwise. Additionally, a quick look on the internet shows a number of references to Scourby Bible Narration downloads that appear to be free streaming. Will the plaintiff go after all of them? Lastly, how many of you who are demeaning the Church have illegally downloaded music to your computer? Call the kettle black, will you?

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