You know you went to UofT when…

1. 1. At some point in your university career, you probably pretended you went to Hogwarts.

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2. 2. You’ve gotten lost in the MedSci building, even though you are probably not a MedSci student.

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4. 3. You’re probably the only people in Canada who know what it’s like to have 2,000 classmates.

5. 4. And you have almost been trampled by those 2,000 classmates getting out of Con Hall after class…

6. 5. But you make sure you tell everyone you have class where Mean Girls was filmed.

7. 6. You’re used to dodging wedding photography while walking home from class, and you probably feature in the background of many wedding albums…

8. 7. You’ve had the dilemma of deciding whether or not to cross King’s College Circle and risk sinking in the mud, or add 5 long minutes on to your commute to walk all the way around.

9. 8. You’ve had to swim through Queen’s Park in March

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10. 9. This is a normal sight…

11. 10. And you barely notice the purple people firing canons outside your residence at 2am.

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12. 11. Whenever you see robes you have an overwhelming urge to steal them… unless you went to Trin, then you probably want to go eat dinner in them.

13. 12. You get a similar urge to steal when you see these…

14. And are very impressed and probably stay away when they look like this…

15. 13.You can dash what would normally be a 30 minute walk from one end of campus to the other in under ten minutes, and be at your next class on time.

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16. 14. When people at other universities tell you they’re getting straight A’s, you’re like…

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17. 15. Because to you, a bell curve means your mark is going down.

18. 16. You’ve been to a St. Mike’s party and barely come out alive.

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19. 17. You’ve been so low on money that you drank jungle juice at a frat party.

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20. 18. You’ve drunkenly tried to climb this…

21. 19. You’ve been a part of some strange orientation week ritual, probably involving candles.

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22. 20. You were expected to be in class no matter what the weather was like…

23. 21. But you knew you had to dress for tropical temperatures to be able to sit through a lecture in Sid Smith

24. 22. You had a minor panic attack every time you found out your exam was in UC.

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25. Unless you went to UC, then you were all like…

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26. 23. You probably did not know that Trevor True Blue was our mascot… cause let’s face it, who has time for sports at this school?

27. 24. You still think the peacock library is cool…

28. And you’ve probably spent all night in there before an exam…

29. 25. You’ve also spent all night before an exam in Burwash Hall not studying, but taking advantage of the free tea and snacks.

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30. 26. You were jealous of Woodsworth accomodation, unless you went to Woodsworth, then you knew you had a way better apartment than everyone else.

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31. 27. You had to take at least one class you knew absolutely nothing about…

32. 28. Multiple choice tests are your worst nightmare.

33. 29. Every year you develop a deeper hate for something called Rosi…

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34. 30. Your graduation ceremony was longer than any class you ever sat through…

35. 31. And finally, even with all the anger and frustration, you will never let people forget you went to one of the top universities in the world!

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