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What is a head gasket in a car?

A head gasket means a gadget which is located between two things; a car's cylinder head and its engine block or cylinder block section. The head gasket wrapped in car's inner combustion system. It uses to keep a car cool. It also helps in the mixing of oil which is coming from two sides; from engine and cylinder head respectively. A head gasket is a gadget which has a very difficult and critical system in car's engine. It's work in a combustion chamber with a high level of strength. Types: A head gasket has following well-known types: ⦁Multiple Layers ⦁Solid copper ⦁Composite ⦁Elastomeric 1. Multiple Layers: Mostly, a head gasket has multiple steel layers, which consists of three layers made of steel. These layers are wrapped in rubber. It is so durable. Now-a-day, big and well-known companies are producing that type of gasket. 2. Solid Copper: The second type of head gasket is a solid copper sheet. This is a machine with a small piece of copper wire around the cylinder. This type of gasket is also more demanded by the majority. So companies are more focusing on its production. 3. Composite: The third type of head gasket is found very rare because of its life. It is so old technology than other types of the head gasket. Mostly, people don't want to use this type of head gasket. 4. Elastomeric: This is the most popular type of the head gasket which is mostly used by K series engine. It can help in sealing and coolant. It is very difficult to repair the head gasket of any car because it is so costly. That's why no one bares its changing or repairing. It wants more care than others. Circuits: There is three circuits use in the head gasket of a car's engine. Such as: ⦁Fuel mixture or combustion ⦁Coolant based on water ⦁Motor oil 1. Fuel mixture: The head gasket helps in fuel mixing which is coming from the engine and cylinder head. it also called the combustion of the oil of that machine. It has three things: air, fuel, and spark. 2. Coolant system: The head gasket is very useful to maintain the cooling system which is based on water evaporation. It also has a glycol mixture. 3. Motor oil: The head gasket also maintains the motor oil for the lubrication in any car's engine. If the head gasket is to be damaged then the motor oil will leak from internal side. Problems: A head gasket has many problems which affect the whole engine of any car. Such as: ⦁It would cause engine failure if the head gasket is damaged ⦁It makes smoking from oil burning ⦁The compression is would be lost ⦁It also affects the cooling system ⦁The engine would be overheated Solutions: ⦁Compression pressure should check with a pressure gauge ⦁Oil or fuel leakage should be tested, internally and externally both ⦁The cooling system should be checked ⦁The overall condition of a head gasket should be tested and checked

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