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    This Mug Is Practically Impossible To Spill And Will Teach Your Kid How To Actually Drink

    Your child is no match for the Munchkin 360.

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    I'm going to cut to the chase: The Munchkin 360 is the only — and I do mean ONLY — cup that has not been put directly into our recycling bin post-purchase. Long live the Munchkin 360.

    Kelly Green / Via BuzzFeed

    Our couch is not a nice couch. But just because it’s pilling to the extreme does not mean we want it splattered with milk and juice as well. We already feel bad enough about ourselves. We are seeking a clean-looking surface, and there is no way to get that with traditional toddler cups. *Every* last one of them spills or leaks.


    We found this cup on Amazon when we were perusing baby and toddler items in the quest to make us not regret having decided to bear offspring.

    Kelly Green / Via BuzzFeed

    That’s the thing about parenting: It SUCKS. Unless you have the right gear by your side. (Bear in mind, the utmost "right gear" would be a nanny, or full-time daycare with an additional nanny a couple of weeknights.)

    But honestly — in the world of parenting, there is enormous power in products alone to change the game. You could have 17 pacifiers...and your baby might only like one. You could produce a bounty of breastmilk and your baby might tell you to buzz off; they prefer the formula. You just never know. You need to be armed with cash and ready to rotate out products until you hit the jackpot. Like we did with this cup.

    Here's how the magic happens:

    Munchkin / Via

    After you screw on the two-part lid, your child lifts the cup to his lips and simply sips. There is a slight amount of suction to work with, so the first time they try might frustrate them until they get their first drop of liquid. You might need to encourage them to both sip and suck initially, so that their muscles figure out the exact ratio of each. After that, you're golden.

    And when your kid stops drinking, the cup automatically seals, so it WILL NOT SPILL (despite said kid's best efforts).

    Not only will the Munchkin 360 save your whole house from being a giant toddler sponge, it will — unlike the other toddler cups we've tried — also teach your little one how to drink out of, like, a real cup.

    Kelly Green / Via BuzzFeed

    Someday they are going to have to raise a glass to their mouth and not expect liquid to be delivered via a straw or an otherwise raised mouthpiece. They will have to actually learn how to drink. This cup can do that for you. There is literally nothing else you could ever want from a cup. And it even comes in various sizes and colors! So the toddlers can be true to the psychosis that is toddlerhood and be demanding little turds about how much they hate blue or green on any given day.


    Paramount / Via

    (Please send any thanks in the form of cash so that we can upgrade to a non-pilling couch as soon as our son turns 7.)

    Get it from Walmart for $5.54 or a pack of two from Amazon for $11.49+.

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