This Hair Color Is Perfect For People Who Want Bright Hair (But Can't Commit)

    L'Oreal Colorista has given me the rainbow-colored hair of my dreams (without the commitment of my nightmares).

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    I have always admired people who were bold enough to color their hair some shade that doesn’t naturally grow from a human scalp.

    Well, I finally took the bright-hair plunge, and it's all because of L'Oreal's Colorista, a line of products that is essentially makeup for your hair. It's basically the perfect product for those of us too scared to commit to fun.

    It's also a good choice for kids (a notoriously indecisive demographic), per this reviewer:

    "My daughter has light brown hair. We used 1 & 1/2 tubes of the Teal 10, left on for 90 minutes (per another review), and she loves the result!" —Netshopper

    But it was the1-Day Spray that really hooked me.

    There are 10+ color options for both lines of products, so while I’m stuck on pink right now, I might decide I want to look like a mermaid next week, and I’m allowed to.

    Though, according to this reviewer, messiness is relative!

    "Some of the reviews mentioned it was messy, but I have not found it so. I use it to highlight my dull gray hair strands, can brush it through and it looks very natural. It might get on your hands a little, but it washes off right away. There are not many gray-enhancing products on the market — at least I haven't seen them — so I'm glad to have found this one. Highly recommend it!" —A.Bennett

    Either way, it's perfect for those summer festivals...

    "Great product for short-term use. I have long hair so I used up the entire can all in one go. My hair is also a bit brunette so the color turned slightly fuschia. Overall, this product is great and I will definitely be bringing it to my upcoming music festival." —shelia liu

    ...or just amping up your natural gorgeousness!

    "I've stopped coloring my hair and I'm letting my silver come in. Now that I'm getting used to the silver, sometimes I want more of it. This is just the right thing. It washes out easily, and it gives my style a little punch. Love it."—Teresa R Tameling

    Get the semi-permanent color from Walmart for $8.99+ for brunettes, or from Target for $8.99 for blondes or $7.69 for blondes (available in six colors). Get the 1-Day Spray from Amazon for $8.54 (available in 10 colors).

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