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    These Toddler Sneakers Will Make Parenting So Much Easier

    Converse All Star Simple Sneakers are easy to put on and will stay put through all your toddler's many, many, MANY activities. And bonus: They'll make your kid look prettttttty cool.

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    (Extremely inconsequential) confession: My 3-year-old doesn’t have great clothes. We bought most of them from garage sales. But you know what he does have? Cool shoes.

    Kelly Green / Via BuzzFeed

    We all know that shoes can make or break an outfit, and my son's garage-sale clothes look awesome as a direct result of his snazzy sneakers.

    But our choice of the Converse All Star Simple Sneaker wasn't an aesthetic one: These function better than any other pair of kids shoes we have tried in the span of his small life.

    Kelly Green / Via BuzzFeed

    He started walking about two years ago, and that is when the search for the perfect toddler shoe started.

    Perfect toddler shoe requirements:

    • The shoe must be able to be easily pulled on (because nothing in life is easy with a toddler).

    • The shoe must be able to be easily pulled off (but it is essential the toddler doesn’t realize this, so that they don’t always remove their shoes off the minute you turn around).

    • The shoe must stay securely on the foot when you are not actively trying to pull it on or off (if you knew how many times I have turned around and found him on a sidewalk, yelling, “MY SHOE…!!!” with a shoe two houses down).

    • The shoe must make my kid look kinda cool (which in turn makes me look kinda cool.)

    • The shoe must be affordable (I’m not spending $50 for something that can’t make it through a growth spurt).

    We looked high and low, and we bought, all in all, probably 12 pairs of shoes before we found these little miracles.

    Kelly Green / Via BuzzFeed

    Now, be alert when doing your own search, because Converse makes many styles of shoes for toddlers, but this particular style is the only one that we trust. (We bought other styles that didn’t make the cut.)

    The true magic is in the Velcro: It's on the outer side of the tongue, and it’s hidden.

    Kelly Green / Via BuzzFeed

    The hidden Velcro makes the shoe look entirely like a slip-on, but they are much more secure than what a slip-on could ever be without Velcro. I have slip-on Converse, and they’re great, but they do not fit my feet as tightly as a shoe would need to, were I — say — climbing a jungle gym or playing Keep Away From My Parents.

    Toddlers are hard! Hard to feed, hard to keep up with, and hard to outfit appropriately.

    I assure you, these will be one of the easiest things you ever buy for them. And you will both look cooler for it.

    ABC / Via

    Get them from Nike for $35 or Zappos for$34.95 (available in sizes 2–10 and in two colors).

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