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    Turn Household Materials Into A Wall Organizer

    Reuse & recycle.

    How To Recycle Material Into A Wall Organizer


    Empty toilet paper roll

    Old picture frame

    Empty Spam can

    Empty tin can

    Old boxes

    Adhesive glue

    Cork board

    Spray paint


    Old Box

    # Cut boxes with razor on a 45 degree slant and cut evenly all around.

    Old Frame

    # Turn the turn button to take out the glass and back of the frame

    Old Toilet Paper Roll

    # Cut Roll with razor into a rectangle that is big enough to fit a phone.

    All Items

    # Use adhesive glue to place product on the cork board.

    # Wait to dry.

    # Take it outside to spray paint.

    # Use light blue spray paint (optional) and wait for the spray to dry.

    # Enjoy!

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