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    Posted on Feb 13, 2018

    I Took Care Of A Potbellied Pig For A Day And Didn't Want To Give Her Back

    Believe the hype.

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    Doesn't it seem like pet pigs are becoming more and more popular lately?


    I mean, they are pretty cute when you come to think of it.

    Watch one woman spend a day with her dream pet: an adorable little pig!

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    This is Kelly, and she's wanted to own a potbellied pig for as long as she could remember.


    It was about to be her lucky day.

    She was delighted to learn she would be taking care of Hamlet, a potbellied pig who's kind of a big deal on Instagram, for a whole day.


    This is Melanie and Michael, and they're Hamlet's "humans." They went over Hamlet's routine with Kelly and made sure Hamlet had everything she needed for her overnight visit.


    Melanie explained pigs remember things, and sometimes they'll seek revenge by peeing in rooms. LOL!

    When Melanie first got Hamlet at just six weeks old, she thought Hamlet was a micro mini pig, but then discovered there was no such thing, and she was actually a potbellied pig.


    When they got to Kelly's apartment, Hamlet immediately began sniffing out the place and picking up any food crumbs on the ground.


    Which Kelly was completely okay with. Ha!

    Then Kelly decided to take Hamlet to lunch. But first, she had to put on her harness, which she was warned, was no easy task.


    But she did it! Okay, so she put it on incorrectly but still gets an "A" for effort.

    Lunch was a little hectic because it seemed everyone wanted to say "Hi" to Hamlet.


    That's what she gets for being a celebrity. LOL!

    Kelly and Hamlet were getting along splendidly. But they still had a very important task!


    Hamlet's fans were waiting.

    Kelly still had to snap a picture of Hamlet in a rockin' outfit for her Instagram account since that's part of her daily routine.


    Nailed it.

    At the end of the day, Kelly said it felt really special to have her dream pet snuggling with her in her bed. Awww.


    Even if she had to give Hamlet back the next day. She said, "Taking care of pigs is definitely not for everyone. You really do need space. You need time. You need grass. They deserve all the attention they get, but they do need a lot of attention."

    Tbh, we totally get why Hamlet is a pet celebrity.

    hamlet_the_piggy / Via Instagram: @hamlet_the_piggy