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    You Can Improve Your Physical And Mental Health By Learning To Breathe Like A Pro Leads The Daily Links

    Plus Billy Eichner plays games with Drew Barrymore, 3 awesome drink recipes, and the new plastic surgery trend for engagement-ring selfies.


    The way you breathe can affect your mental and physical health — high-powered people under a lot of stress are learning how to breathe to feel better, and you can too! - [DETAILS]


    Women are getting "hand lifts" so that they can take the perfect engagement-ring photo, forcing a wave of very strong feels to spread across society. - [UPROXX]


    Would you like to look terrifyingly gorgeous? Of course you would! Luckily, the "Maleficent" makeup team has collaborated with MAC Cosmetics to produce a magically inspired collection. - [DuJour]


    Use bold, eye-catching colors to amp up your summer wardrobe! - [DuJour]

    Billy Eichner sees if Drew Barrymore knows herself as well as he does by playing "Would Drew Barrymore Like That?" with her in NYC. Confused? Don't be! Watch the video and you'll be delighted! - []