The Many Results Of Heavy Drinking In 55 Awesome GIFs Leads The Daily Links

Plus the best wines under $20 according to the experts, a new natural cure for sleepless nights, and 10 signs that a guy just isn’t ready for marriage.


What’s better than watching “Frozen” and singing along? Watching Marines do it in their downtime! - [HelloGiggles]

serious eats

The best wines for under $20, according to wine experts around the country. - [serious eats]


It can be hard to keep up with international news, but this post makes it easy to get yourself up to speed on a major current event: Here’s everything you need to know about the kidnapping of 234 girls in Nigeria. - [GlobalPost]

@Raptors/Twitter / Via Twitter: @Raptors

Drake, known fondue-hater, is also known for his aggressive distaste for lint. The opportunity for greatness was obvious: free Drake-branded lint rollers for Raptors fans. - [Cosmopolitan]


It may not be what you want to hear, but take heed of these 10 crucial signs that he’s not ready for marriage. - [Women’sHealth]

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