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    29 Photos That Only Exist To Fill You With Uncontrollable Happiness

    Plus Drake-in-disguise asks people what they think of Drake, pro tips for applying foundation, Alison Brie and Adam Scott throw a house party.


    This quokka pic is just one of 29 photos that only exist to fill you with uncontrollable happiness. Plus, FRIDAY! Happy!!!!! - [SavvySugar]


    Modern foundation has come a long way; use these tips to apply foundation like a pro! - [Glamour]

    Drake wears a wig and a fake beard to ask people on the street what they think of Drake. Classic. - []


    First-time director Gia Coppola (yes, those Coppolas) talks about getting her famous friends to appear in the very promising-looking "Palo Alto," and making wine with her grandfather. - [DuJour]


    Alison Brie and Adam Scott throw a house party in this epic video that's actually a vodka ad. - [AdWeek]

    Bon Appétit

    Is butter good for you? Yes. No. Just kidding, yes. I mean no. Maybe just read the post. - [Bon Appétit]

    Men's Health

    A new study confirms eating a serving a day of legumes drops your "bad" cholesterol levels—find out how to easily work them into your diet. - [Men's Health]

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